zainulesms -Tutorial received item late by pos laju


this tutorial can be conduct either way whether you are sender or receiver

if you are receiver you can contact your sender to help you, by the way please wait to 3 working day before attempting to contact, it poslaju normal delivery time, if over than that it abnormal.

the common way to contact pos laju is 1300300300 hotline waiting time 30minute-NO WAY!!
another common way is to email waiting time 1-3 business day – FU No Way!!!

today i will revealed the ultimate faster way of getting responded, proven answered in 2hour just via email.

here we go, we provided some proven sample here:

NO. 1: Contact Your Seller

he order on 9 feb (friday),waiting time should be 3 working day, so 10-12 is not working day to be considered. 13 Feb we decide to email pos laju Johor Bahru.




2. Yes you are right the ultimate way is to directly contact the receiving branch, no such waiting and waiting they replied in just 2hours..









3: Hell yeah update the good news to your patiently waiting   understanding buyers






3: Hell yeah, the customer then received safe and sound on 14 Feb . Excuse the coming of Chinese New Year on 16 Feb and the loaded parcel handle by pos laju.



5. Well done, Bravo dont forget to thanks your seller or sender over his hard work.




So So So Why Bother

Watchout all dropshipper , if you can’t handle your customer complaint of late delivery item, don’t blame others over your failure, such a loser. and don’t do this business, have your own stock, send it yourself, then you learn how to differentiate of Courier Service and a Business Seller, both have different responsibility.

the world doesn’t revolved around you alone,, all parcel will be bring to the parcel hub at Kl to be gather with other parcels route to the same destination . Remember you paid for just RM6. not rm60.shame on you.

So let me check what his SIN over me:

acknowledge by other buyers that it was pos laju who control the delivery time not us as a seller.

Sin No.1: he accused of receiving goods very late, though it was known that it is because the Pos Laju service has been known  very disappointing and he had already known before his purchase that we are using pos laju. Thus he accused me alone not Pos Laju.

Sin No 2: he cheating that the parcels goes to Batu Pahat, while actually it goes to Tangkak. we know Batu Pahat has pos laju so it will be Fast, but Tangkak doesn’t have pos laju, it was Pos Office or Pos Malaysia. Any Item to Tangkak must first go by this route, Segamat-Kl-Muar-Tangkak, so it will be long distance, but his accusation confuse others that mention any parcel posted will directly goes to desired Location (segamat – Batu pahat/tangkak).

So my dear angle in his left body,  please write this unforgiven sin.

I am not sure, seeing him in whatsapp profile with Kopiah on head doesn’t mean a good people. Yet not happy with the old purchase still continuously bought thing in my store. i saw your shameful face . nothing to hide.



He already buying many thing online yet still cannot differentiate what is courier service job and what is business seller job, Business seller  job is to prepare all order and send to courier services, we handled almost 20-30 order per  day yet everyday increase the number, so we cannot monitor all the parcel unless you check yourself and let us know and then we will email to pos laju branch as we always did for other buyer who Pm whatsapp to us.

almost all seller in malaysia deal with pos laju, you can’t ran from them, how much you mad at them, you have no choice you will use their service as they are cheaper and huge coverage. we also provide other option which are Skynet with no additional cost, yet nobody remark us to use skynet services.




The only PM we get only regarding new order of him , there is no mention about his previous order or late delivery .



below his no 2 order, Not yet arrived. Do I care, you can bad rate me again. i will 100% not responsible over all your purchase in my store anymore, any warranty all VOID. 

it happened to everyone who frequently buy online, you can notice sometime you received the next day you order , sometime 2 day, sometime a week. This all branch problem, it has arrived to the branch but they did not update or process the order, they might processed new arrival parcel compare to the oldest one. That makes any of this unfortunate receiver, receive it late.

No 2. newest order




Pos malaysia is Pos malaysia, if they used pos laju sign board, the still manage by pos Malaysia. Does not contain Laju.

it just simple theory, if you live in big town where pos laju service available, the arrival will be fast, if you stay at rural town like Tangkak where only Post Malaysia available, then the delivery will be long, following by the working day,Pos Malaysia follow goverment working hours. Pos Laju are not, some place like Segamat Pos Laju open Everyday except 1st week Saturday.

by the way like it or not you have no choice, if you dont mind pay more why don’t you request any other courier that can satisfy you. if you have little cost , whether you like it or not Pos laju is the best choice.

Then we look at this order he just order on 28 Feb, we process 1 Mar and received it just the next day.

No 1 newest order



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