Wire Glue repair membrane power switch Toshiba satellite a665 random auto shutdown

2.11 am in the morning, just complete a repair on Toshiba satellite a665 random auto shutdown, power on few second and turn off, this laptop already came to us a month before, you can read previously on how to repair flat ribbon cable on power switch and backlit keyboard.

membrane switch board for toshiba a655, it should be a bit long but this after being vut twice to remove the broken line

This toshiba satellite a665 came with a membrane power switch button which a tiny plastic with membrane conductive lines interconnecting the LED and on off switch  silver push button.

Be extra careful when u’re doing service that need to take out the membrane switch connector, the silver lines may easily scratch when you reinsert take out and reinsert to the switch connector repeatedly. Don’t lost the tiny plastic that help to drive the connector, when it unintentionally removed, glue it back with superglue. If not, if the membrane switch  not properly connected, loose or if you modifying it too tight to make the contact with the connector, the silver line will scratched and then you will got such problem random auto shutdown.

Closed up footage where the trace was scratched, and not making contact anymore

To get the replacement of the membrane switch board, i think there were some on ebay but the cost price to take it here will cost hundred for just a used part. So it was the last option if you can’t find any other solution.

glue wire in action

But hey, we’re ready for this kind of problem, few month back, i been thinking what i can do to repair a trace on PCB also to repair the conductive line on a flat  ribbon cable  that easily broken, if the ribbon cable is long enough it should not be a problem to cut the broken part and trace new lines but if it given only short ribbon, we can;t do anything when it broken, so finally i got the idea to look for conductive glue like a paste that is conductive and we just spread the paste on the broken part and it will continue connecting between the broken part. I been trying some product, here are my review:

1)Silver Conductive Glue Wire:

as the name suggest i thought i will glue well but the paste look like a bit liquid and will have problem to do repair on tiny space. The paste also easily scratched, The name conductive is correct but not so well in gluing.

2) Glue Wire by Anders Product made is USA

A good review about this product all over the internet and it made in the USA and not made in china which i doubt few time to buy glue wire which china product.

sharpen the match stick end depend on workspace, tiny lines, match stick end must sharpen as possible.

As it suggest it will dried around two hours and complete dried for a .day but actually for thin layer it dried within 10 minutes. To apply simply use a match stick, and sharpen the end of stick depend on your work-space, stir the glue wire in the bottle until it uniform and then take a tiny portion of the glue wire and spread to the lines that need to be r.epair, it just like water colour painting. After that give some times for it to dried.



Back to Toshiba Satellite a665 with membrane switch problem

When the silver lines on the membrane power switch scratched and wouldn’t have proper connection, then the problem with autoshutdown, random shutdown, and turn off after few seconds happened. This is shocked at first you may think it was because overheating or unproper installing the heatsink or some serious motherboard problem  but it wasn’t.

It can be solved by cutting the  broken lines and remove the plastic cover at the end and the new conductive lines will be accessible.

But for this laptop case, we’re not the first one who disassembled the laptop, we saw few warranty sticker from well known repair shop @ plaza lowyat, and when it came to us the condition of the touchpad ribbon, backlit keyboard ribbon, membrane switch button is not in good condition, the hard tiny plastic already detached and it’s not in it original look. damn it.

Closed Up : Reconnect the scratched line by applying glue wire paste, this membrane switch already being cut twice to make new line, and we couldn’t cut anymore or else the line became short cannot fit the laptop designate power button

If you’re laptop technician, electronic hoobyist, electronic student, you should have this product here, Glue Wire by Anders Product, made in USA not China, FIND IT IN OUR STORE, it’s AVAILABLE, quantity limited. Saved a lot of time on repairing, no need soldering skills, just painting skill.

Okay below some footage on the repair and applying glue wire  on repairing membrane switch line,

Successful, no more auto shutdown, can turn on of normally, see the wire already short we can’t afford to cut it more, Glue wire really saved our repair time and cost


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