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Fixed imei unknown rewrite imei null on mtk65xx device

i hate to tell you that the phone with null or unknown imei on my hand here was just another Lenovo A850 with mtk6582 chip.

This null imei got after flashing a new rom that not suitable but compatible with the chip.

so that this imei cannot be retrieve by using our previous method, delete and restore nvram folder but only by method rewriting the imei using MTK Droid Tool

what you need to do before starting rewrite the imei:

-phone must be root

-usb debugging mode must turn on

-download MTK droid tool software, if it came with compressed … Baca seterusnya

Lenovo A850 sim card not detected, imei baseband missing unknown

Lenovo a850 problem with SIM card undetected because missing of Imei and baseband info lead to comm failure.

lenovo a850
sim card inserted but not detected in android system

Even though SIM card is inserted, but notification remains with SIM card not inserted

lenovo a850
no sim card inserted while it already insert.

Cause of the problem
User said it suddenly happened after he changed SIM card

Corrupted nvram may cause from system update or suddenly remove simcard so that as a precaution turn off handphone before removing the SIM card to ensure system data were not affected or corrupted and if any ongoing

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