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10 minutes replace HSD100IFW1 10.0 LED Screen on Asus Eee Pc 1000ha



This laptop was brought to us because of the LCD Screen strangely display horizontal vertical lines.

As usual for a basic troubleshooting you are advisable to check out the display on external monitor,

if its okay then it either the LCD Cable or LCD Screen. However both of this were difficult to figure, though most of the time it’s always an LCD problem.

Take out the battery before performing any repair, prevention is better than cure.

Well, if you need a replacement for this Asus EEEpc 1000ha battery with part number of: A31-1015 A32-1015 AL31-1015 AL32-1015 PL32-1015Baca seterusnya

Acer 4530 White screen LCD replacement

This laptop was brought to us   because of the lcd showing a White screen as the Windows can actually load but the screen remain white.

As our customer found our advertisement regarding a second hand set of LCD screen pulled out from similar model Acer 4530 which a lot more cheaper than buying a new set of LCD Screen. She contacted us through our Facebook Messenger  and finally decided to let us check and replace with a second hand set of 14.1  inch wide  40 pin CCFL LCD Screen for her Acer Aspire 4530 laptop.

After we replaced the screen, … Baca seterusnya