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HP G42 Overheat with AMD Ati Graphic

This laptop was given to us after our customer found a strange behavior, laptop previously felt hot all over the bottom case and palm rest cover, and one fine day the laptop could turn the power on but the screen turns blank screen of death, nothing on display. After that, the customer brought her laptop to us for checking up.

Before we make a conclusion that was a graphic failure, we do test the RAM first by clean the contact and reinserted back, noting improvement.

So then we leaved the laptop for one night, and continue checking the next day,… Baca seterusnya

Laptop repair blank screen grayed LCD Replacement

lcd grayed
screen turn blank and grayed, no sign ofcracked or dead pixel

This laptop was given to us for checking up because of the LCD Screen displayed as a blank and grayed screen. Our customer thought it was a motherboard failure, but after we go through inspection, connecting to external VGA monitor and the result was the laptop can normally load into Windows.

We tested again using LCD tester and the laptop can normally display. So that obviously the blank grayed screen caused by the faulty LCD Screen.


acer aspire
brush clean and found this strange smelly dirt

As our customer told … Baca seterusnya

Benq Joybook s31v repair overheating autoshutdown and battery replacement

This laptop was brought to us with problem such auto shutdown when the laptop getting heated. Also the battery remain not charging while on Windows but can survived about 15 minutes without power sources.

Our customer decided to undergo full services for her laptop and replace with a new battery include clean install the Operating system.

So that at first she found our blog and landed to our blog post regarding laptop fan issues and contacted us through our chatbox.

we are monitoring our blog every single hours, and responses with any question anytime. Please do contact us through our … Baca seterusnya

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830T keyboard and motherboard replacement

aspire 4830t
power on few seconds and turn off

This laptop Acer Aspire Timeline X 4830t was brought to us with a serious Problem, the laptop could turn on for a few seconds with black screen and then shut off itself. This problem already been solved, but there were other problems occurred, which the motherboard couldn’t detect the hard disk. As the repair could take a lot of time and cost, we suggested our customer for a refurbish motherboard replacement.

After motherboard replacement, the laptop can normally powered up, load into windows and performed excellently. But there some of the keyboard key … Baca seterusnya

Apakah Dual Backlight LCD Panel?

dual inverter
dual inverter
Apabila berkaitan dengan paparan LCD, anda biasanya akan membeli mengiukut saiz dan resolusi. Satu perkara yang anda mungkin terlupa   adalah berkenaan teknologi backlight yang digunakan. Oleh kerana paparan pada laptop dan netbook telah berkembang daripada low end word processing machine dan akhirnya kepada high end multimedia dan entertainment machine, teknologi paparan nya turut berkembang dan disesuaikan.
dual backlight
dual backlight

Paparan dual backlight LCD adalah sebagaimana ia kedengaran. Daripada mempunyai satu mentol backlight, kini ia mempunyai dua sekaligus yang dihubungkan kepada inverter khusus untuk mencerahkan paparan anda lebih dari  kecerahan LCD biasa. Inverter ini hanya mempunyai dua sambungan di sebelah

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Acer Aspire 4530 speaker torn with distorted sound Replacement

After speaker successfully changed

This laptop Acer Aspire 4530 was brought to us at first because of the screen had a stuck pixel. The screen turn into red color. After we do some screen test for removing stuck pixel, the screen goes back to its normal condition and display awesomely.

aspire 4530
speaker spotted

But laptop Acer aspire 4530 also got another problem with the speaker because of the sound being played was crackle and distorted, really bad for the ears.

asire 4530
broken speaker
aspire 4530
broken speaker
aspire 4530
used speaker but function well

As it’s obviously a speaker problem, we suggest a replacement with a … Baca seterusnya

Toshiba Satellite U40T fan faulty loud noise bad for environment

This laptop Toshiba satellite u40t problem when it’s given to us was
– Keyboard and touchpad malfunction
– Fan faulty produced loud noise

laptop repair segamat
Toshiba u40t keyboard

The customer asked for a replacement both keyboard and fan. This laptop year made around 2013 and we bet that there were no local stock available for this model spare parts because most of new laptop started to cause problems normally after 2 years of usage. and the spare parts mostly became available when demand is high.

toshiba u40t fan replacement
Driver for keyboard and touchpad not start

At first we checked the system and found that the
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Toshiba Satellite L510 Dc Jack Power Connector Wire Harness Replacement


toshiba l510
Spotted it location


This Laptop Toshiba Satellite L510 problem was not able to charge normally as the Connector inside became loose or broken.

toshiba l510
broken connector (rod inside)

As it impossible to fix, we suggested a replacement with a second hand set of Toshiba Satellite L510 Dc Jack Wire Harness Power Connector.

Toshiba l510 DC Jack Wire Power Connector

We disassembled the laptop to located the DC Jack Power Connector. It’s cable type DC Jack Power Connector which makes our job a lot more easier.

toshiba l510
bottom cover removal
tosiba l510
Keyboard removal
toshiba l510
Palm rest cover removal
toshiba l510
fit in place

After done … Baca seterusnya

Biostar MCP6PB m2+ And here was the motherboard real culprit.

This desktop was brought to us since our customer would like to upgrade the Operating System from Windows Xp to Windows 7. After several trials running the Windows 7 setup, installation was failed tremendously. The PC kept restarting while the setup about to begun. As we had encountered this problem many times in the past, we checked out the motherboard roughly, and we spotted there was one bad bloated capacitor (Brand OST cheap capacitor brand)beside the heatsink.

capacitor replacement
watch out near the heat sink, cap with 6.3v 1000uF
capacitor replacement
It look bulgy on the top compare to the rest



We … Baca seterusnya

Lenovo P780 Smartphone broken Digitizer LCD Crack ORI replacement Screen

Lenovo P780 LCD Digitizer Replacement
Lenovo P780 with one line crack

This smartphone Lenovo P780 was brought to us because of the screen cracked with one line cause the touch screen did not function properly.

Lenovo 780 LCD Digitizer Screen Replacement
Ready to replace
Lenovo P780 LCD Digitizer Screen Replacement
Disassemble the parts
Lenovo P780 LCD Digitizer Repalcement
front part

The customer agreed with a new original Lenovo P780 LCD digitizer one set replacement, and after done the installation, the Lenovo P780 can normally touchable again, all functions are working, apps can normally open by a single touch, smartphone was back and running just like a new unboxing Lenovo P780.

Lenovo P780 lcd digitizer screen replacement
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Lenovo Vibe k910 Cracked LCD Screen Digitizer Replacement

Lenovo vibe k910 screen cracked relplace
Lenovo K910 vibe LCD screen swapping, one is broken LCD (owned), one is problem with software bootloop and speaker ribbon (used for sparepart only), customer asked us for an LCD screen swapping, so here we go

This Smartphone Lenovo Vibe k910  was brought to us because of broken screen, digitizer due to accidentally dropping. After such tragic event, the touch function not working anymore, nothing respond while the screen was touched

lenovo vibe k910 lcd screen cracked replace
removed all the screws that visible


lenovo k910 vibe
removed the motherboard
lenovo k910 vibe
motherboard swap
lenovo vibe k910
lenovo vibe k910
now touch function able, as lcd + digitizer was swapped with a good one

The customer … Baca seterusnya

Gejala biasa apabila LCD mengalami kerosakan

atoz computer solutions
crt vs lcd

LCD Monitor telah banyak menggantikan monitor jenis CRT di pasaran hari ini, kebanyakannya adalah disebabkan oleh populariti laptop. Mampu memberikan grafik yang lebih baik di dalam ruang yang lebih kecil serta boleh didapati pada harga yang sama seperti CRT Monitor, tiada sebab lagi untuk tetap memilih CRT monitor untuk Desktop PC anda.

Tetapi kini terdapat permasalahan baru pada Monitor LCD berbanding CRT monitor, ia memaksa kita untuk belajar bagaimana untuk menyelesaikan isu-isu bagi jenis monitor baru ini.


atoz computer solutions
dead vs stuck pixel

Satu perkara yang boleh berlaku kepada LCD  panel adalah  mempunyai Baca seterusnya