After Sales: Dell N4110 N4050 whole new keyboard not functional

Our point here:

No.1 : it is impossible for a whole new keyboard to not function at all. If  it have problem, it will be either 1–2 key not functional or some column or some row of key not functional.

No.2: if it the whole keyboard is not functional, problem is more close to connector not properly connected to the pin on motherboard , or connector install in reverse.

Case 1: Here we have a customer contacted us because of he told that the new keyboard that he just purchase recently is totally not functional.

Solutions 1:

First thing we will advise our customer to calm down, because they have our warranty.

Secondly , listen to our advise because each of keyboard sold is pass our Quality Control which each of keyboard is test over it key stability and functionality. So it will impossible for our keyboard to fail on first use.

Thirdly, what you have to do is to check properly whether each pin on keyboard connector is touch properly to the connector on motherboard. If it not, there will be problem such some row or column of keys is not function.

And then finally , check whether the connector installed in reverse, So obviously case like this will cause, none of the keys functional

SOLVED: Our case here solved because of the customer itself wrongly installed the keyboard connector,

FACT 1: Nothing have to do with the label and it does not give any contribution in the way the keyboard works.

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