After Sales: Compaq CQ40 Keyboard op{} not functional

Here came again problem faced by buyers which are not actually caused by a failure keyboard but more to technical problems caused by minor errors.

So we are confident that we will face again this kind of  problem  in the future,  so we take steps to save our time and provide you with existing cases and solutions, we hoped that in future buyers will not force to conclude that the newly keyboard was problem upon receiving.

Laptop Keyboard is a very simple device, simple electronic and mechanical device. when we said  we did test , all keys are function we meant it, then  there will never be a problem on internal circuit of the keyboard. What may caused you face a problem normally is about how the ribbon cable circuit line is touch and connected to the keyboard connector on motherboard. If one line failed to connect properly then there will be some keys will not functioning.

Point 1: every keyboard we send will be checked to make sure the key is stable and each key is working. So it impossible to receive  a non working keys of keyboard from us .

Problem: Here we got a message that a recent purchase Keyboard of Compaq CQ40 have problem on a few button  which again is a ROW  keys which are O P { } button . And then we got a called. So we advice him to reseat back the ribbon cable. And they said they already did like 3 times and yet problem still occurred.

BTW we most preffered this kind of problem to be discuss on Whatsapp which we have extra time to think before we advice something.






Actually we just provide him some article that we blog about on Compaq v3000 Laptop Keyboard  which have similar case with this  buyer. Also we advice please do it calmly as all our keyboard have a warranty of 3month so no need to scared of not able to return it back for exchange.

Most importantly we want bold that it is not just reseat the ribbon cable but to ensure, each of the line on the ribbon cable to be match with the keyboard connector pin on the motherboard. If you reseat the cable without properly match the connector, you maybe  repeatedly create same error which lead to the same problem which as the buyer mention that he already reseat 3 times but same problem.



However if you face problems feel free to contact us, don’t make your own conclusion, don’t simply accused and gives us bad review, because of we have a various case that buyers contacted  us but the problem was not related to the product but more to the other issues, so we have that solutions in our  pocket, you may not have to return item but to listen to our advice.



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