After Sales: Asus A43s keyboard F Keys repeatedly typing itself


Problem: Asus A43s keyboard F Keys repeatedly typing itself


Point 1: Problem like this was not a part of factory defect. It more involves on how you took care of  cleanliness of the keyboard area.

Point 2:

Cause 1: Leaving keyboard unused will lead to keyboard beeping, typing itself problem

Solution of cause 1: It you want to leave a laptop unused for some period of time, make sure to take out battery and covered the keyboard with keyboard protector or plastic wrap to  make sure no dust enters the gap and bottom of the keyboard.

Cause 2: Eating, shaving mustache, comb hair, smoking in front of keyboard will cause dust or debris to go down the keyboard.  Dust can carry static charge and can short-circuit the electronics line keyboard inside.

Solution of cause 2: Use keyboard protector is the best solution.

Solution :  When the customer return back to us, the problem was not there anymore, as we saw the keyboard does not really dirty. However we blow out everything down inside keyboard to see what thing will came out. 

Solved: we found a short hair came out from bottom to the gap of keyboard. and we just remove it, and tested the keyboard working fine. when keyboard being shipped to us back , it is possible the hair moves therefore problem as mention by customer was not there when we tested upon receive.


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