Remove Windows Password on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Happy Sunday everyone, today we would like to share some trick to remove Windows password in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, normally on Windows XP or 7 we’ll prefer to used Hirens Boot CD which included tools for Removing Windows Password from Windows 2000 up to Windows 7, but this tool not gonna worked on Windows 8 and above and also Machine running UEFI mode.

So that the idea is to use  command prompt and changing the password by using command net user for example:

to know  the user of the Windows simply write:

c:\> net user

and the lists of the users on that device will be display

to change the password without knowing the current user password simply write this command:

c:\> net user username new-password

that’s the whole idea BUT

when you forgot or don’t know the password you will stuck at the welcome screen AND NO ACCESS TO THE command prompt.

How to bring you to the command prompt? Well you will need the Windows Setup DVD, Boot from the setup  and enter the Recovery Mode or Repair Windows mode.

Choose advance repair and the Command Prompt mode, from there then you launch the command prompt and make a little modification to the Welcome screen >> Easy Access >> Narrator.exe by replacing the program with command prompt, then when you at welcome screen, you click on Narrator and it will launch command prompt instead of narrator application.

Here the command to modified Narrator.exe to became command prompt:

c:\ > copy c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe c:\

press enter, this command will copied narrator exe from system32 folder to c:\  drive

then continue with:

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe

press enter and press Y to comfirm overwrite. this command to replace narrator.exe with cmd.exe, so when user press narrator it will launch command prompt. Then you can execute command to change user password during stuck at welcome screen.


so here step by step to take note:

  1. if run legacy UEFI mode then change Bios to Legacy mode, so that you will access to change boot device to the Windows Setup DVD either you booton USB or DVD
  2. Have access to Windows Setup DVD,run recovery mode, advance mode and enter command prompt.
  3. Launch command to replace narrator.exe to cmd.exe (refer above)
  4. Restart and if you previously boot into UEFI change back from legacy to UEFI to enter boot from Hard Disk (Windows)
  5. On Welcome screen, click easy access icon and click Narrator. It will launch command prompt (cmd.exe) instead of narrator.exe
  6. While you grant access to command prompt, execute command to change user password (refer above: net user command)
  7. successfully change the Windows Password then you can enter Windows normally using the new password you just created.
  8. Then if you want to restore back the narrator application you just change with command prompt before, simply repeat access to command prompt using the Windows Setup DVD, advance option and Command prompt and execute the following command:
  9. copy c:\narrator.exe c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe

and restart back and you’re done.



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