Record new movie drama series astro, vhs, ps2, xbox with easycap video capture

Hello everyone, sorry if you guys got to hear this all the time, google will be mad for copy pasting though we change the beat,  we are striving to offer you guys with  top quality laptop batteries, LCD Screen , keyboard and other laptop spare part, we yet to complete our laptop parts listing, Just wait for more products update.

New stock just coming for Easycap Audio Video Capture Astro VHS,PS2, Xbox PC recorder, after previously sold out within a week.

Have you ever question how those people recorded new movie, drama series from astro and uploaded to torrent sites, youtube, dailymotion and many other video hosting sites, few years back before the dead of the so popular Malaysia Pirate bay torrent sites, and because of many claimed for piracy. They are making a lot of money through this, people wanted to download new series, new movie, just go to the sites and it will available just after the series just launched on TV,.

From that idea we wrote a blogpost regarding the product that can help to capture video and record , we purchased and tested and got many feedback, we tracked down the keyword passing through our blog and many people were looking of the way how to record from astro,

We been selling this since 2012, and received a good feedback, it really can captured video and record.

Here we would like to introduce a device that can perform audio video record captured from TV, Astro, VHS, PS2, XBOX as long as the device  got AV connection which are the RED, YELLOW, WHITE) connector. You can actually record everything that captured from the device.

The idea here is the laptop screen will be act as The TV screen, The easycap video capture as the device interconnecting between the Astro decorder and laptop that will captured the output from decorder through the  AV Connection and display on the laptop screen through the software that being used here which  cyberlink power director to perform the video processing To capture, record, editing and saving the video)

How to use the product? we already blogged about it at our infamous blog, details step provided, Software and driver included to match your new version of Windows up to Windows 8.1, sorry for Windows 10, we not yet tested. It should be no problem we guess.

The minimum requirement you should have a laptop or PC are:

Minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

Note:  the software will not working with netbook with intel atom and 1024×600 resolution

RAM at least 2GB, the more the better

Hard disk space for storing the recorded video.

Graphic card for  better video processing

If your laptop or PC don’t have a graphic card it is not a problem as long as you don’t perform multitasking to avoid the system not responding.

So now you can have your own movie drama series collection on your own, Grab it now, you can purchase online at our store.

We provided installation notes in every purchased, working software and driver included. Product was tested before shipping. No more worries 🙂

Need technical support you can directly whatsapp me with photo of the problem you encounter.

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