Flashing Samsung SM-G900 Clone Galaxy S5 MTK6572 Android 4.4.2 New ROM

HEllo everyone,  this Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone SM-G900 MTK6572 Mediatek CPU was brought to us with a boot problem, the system stuck at the boot logo for years……. if you still waited.

So we can’t wait that long, it for surely a software problem, usually it may happen due to incomplete update, incompatible  software and android are exceeding popular and many many developer are creating junk software just want to make money through, it’s actually eat your system memory and space making ur device ran slowly, and that’s in windows bad software we called it a virus.

Seriously, we can’t … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Official ROM on Samsung J SM-J100H/DS Android 4.4.4

This Samsung  J SM-J100H/DS was brought to us because of our customer insisted for the phone to be install  with a new firmware even though after we inspect that the phone was in good condition and after factory reset also we found it already on a latest version of firmware.

So we couldn’t resist and here we go

By following our guides here we are consider you’ve done necessary backup important data and contact list

Tools  needed before attempting flashing process:

1: Firmware of Samsung J SM-J100H/ds and if you need the firmware that support your own local language pick … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Sony Xperia J ST26i

Hello Everyone, this Sony Xperia J ST26i was brought to us after we are not sure but we are instructed to install a new firmware, and upgrade so here we go:

Like our previous Sony Xperia E  C1505, the step is similar:

Tools that we need are:

Flashtool by Androxyde

Sony Xperia J driver and Flashmode Driver (included in Flashtool Driver Folder)

Firmware For Sony Xperia J version 11.2.A.0.31_CE.ftf

That’s all

So no need to turn ON but connect Sony ST26i to the PC you’re working on, so it will searching for driver, You can installed manually the driver through … Baca seterusnya

Hard reset and flashing Oppo Joi R1001 after root damage and launcher crashed

This oppo joi r1001 was brought to us after  the touch screen randomly out of control, moving around and causing other being touched makes another stressed out.  This happened after our customer rooted the device.

So we had already done flashing the stock ROM and the upgrade to the latest Colour OS software OTA by offline method. and the problem persist and the launcher also randomly crashed, but finally we notice that after a clean upgrade, the previous data and cache should be wipe out from the phone memory by doing hard reset  If it wasn’t remove so that the … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Sony Xperia C1501 E single with android 4.1.1

Hello everyone, a quick update better than none. This Sony Xperia C1505 E Single Sim was brought to us after the phone experiencing Auto restarting problem, it suddenly restart randomly, so we got to tried on upgrading and downgrading the firmware in case some incompatibility,  but the final update was  downgrade or upgrade wasn’t the  solution for random restart problem, but along the way we would like to share some guide on flashing a new firmware for Sony xperia c2105 E Single, so here we go:

So first of first preparing the working space with necessaries flashing tool  software and … Baca seterusnya

Flashing official android 4.2.2 on Lenovo A850+

This Lenovo A850+ was brought to us because of it failed to launch into the system and often restart during booting and this we called it boot looping problem.

So for this matter, the only solution is to download and upgrade the firmware to the new and latest available. So we’ll always choose the official rom and most latest and stable version from a trusted source,

here we would like to share guide to flashing a new firmware forLenovo A850+.

Okay for this model we will flash  the latest official version that support only English and Chinese language because we … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Official ROM on GT-I900H Samsung Galaxy S2

Hello everyone, this Samsung Galaxy s2 was brought to us because of the system always hanging and not responding, our customer already done the factory reset but no improvement.

So for this matter, the only solution is to download and upgrade the firmware to the new and latest available. So we’ll always choose the official rom and most latest and stable version from a trusted source,

here we would like to share guide to flashing a new firmware for Samsung galaxy s2 gt-i900h.

first of all, preparing the computer with samsung mobile usb modem driver, if your computer already installed … Baca seterusnya

Dota 2 Lag issues with low fps

sorry, we had no idea about games but to solve our customer problem while playing Dota 2 seems to be lagged slow motion. Well searching for the information all over the internet are suggesting:

-update latest version of Dota (not try)

-dowload patch to fix the lag issues (not try)

-choose basic setting, lower down all the setting (less improvement)

and lastly found Bermuda Dota 2 tweak Autoexec.cfg a list of command and setting to fix the lag issues.


cfg files are configuration files that allows you to set all those small little things in game, which actually improves

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Remove Windows Password on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Happy Sunday everyone, today we would like to share some trick to remove Windows password in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, normally on Windows XP or 7 we’ll prefer to used Hirens Boot CD which included tools for Removing Windows Password from Windows 2000 up to Windows 7, but this tool not gonna worked on Windows 8 and above and also Machine running UEFI mode.

So that the idea is to use  command prompt and changing the password by using command net user for example:

to know  the user of the Windows simply write:

c:\> net user

and the lists … Baca seterusnya

Wire Glue repair membrane power switch Toshiba satellite a665 random auto shutdown

2.11 am in the morning, just complete a repair on Toshiba satellite a665 random auto shutdown, power on few second and turn off, this laptop already came to us a month before, you can read previously on how to repair flat ribbon cable on power switch and backlit keyboard.

membrane switch board for toshiba a655, it should be a bit long but this after being vut twice to remove the broken line

This toshiba satellite a665 came with a membrane power switch button which a tiny plastic with membrane conductive lines interconnecting the LED and on off switch  silver push … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace HSD100IFW1 10.0 LED Screen on Asus Eee Pc 1000ha



This laptop was brought to us because of the LCD Screen strangely display horizontal vertical lines.

As usual for a basic troubleshooting you are advisable to check out the display on external monitor,

if its okay then it either the LCD Cable or LCD Screen. However both of this were difficult to figure, though most of the time it’s always an LCD problem.

Take out the battery before performing any repair, prevention is better than cure.

Well, if you need a replacement for this Asus EEEpc 1000ha battery with part number of: A31-1015 A32-1015 AL31-1015 AL32-1015 PL32-1015Baca seterusnya

LCD Screen sometime Normal and Distorted and White or Fuzzy Colour

We had trouble to name this kind of LCD Problem but from our observation it normally affected CCFL LCD Type screen. Out of 3 cases we found, all the three problem were related to LCD Screen, and not the LVDS  LCD Cable or not a Video or Graphic problem.

To troubleshoot this kind of problem simply connect to external monitor, when it display normally on external monitor then it shouldn’t a graphic chip or video problem

can simply reconnecting back the LCD cable to the motherboard and similarly to the back of LCD, moving a bit the LCD cable, when … Baca seterusnya

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