Why No shipping of Laptop Battery to East Malaysia from us?

POS LAJU services that we are aware of offer cheaper delivery costs than any other couriers and also wide coverage areas including rural areas where none of the other courier services are available. That’s why it’s the choice of many online sellers.

Laptop batteries have been categorized as potentially hazardous (potentially explosive) items by IATA, so Pos Laju have issued a notice not to allow lithium battery delivery by using their air freight. when there is a X-Ray check conducted to detect the prohibited goods, then these restraint items will be returned to the sender back, and no refunds (shipping fee) will be made at all. It seems that this inspection is not often carried out as sometimes the second delivery is often no problem. But no matter what the second delivery will cost us, and the receiver will have to repay the shipping charges,

Also and if this happens, it will take longer for the goods to be received by the buyer, and we do not wanting buyers who do not know this risk, are likely to need the item urgently.

So that we will only accept orders from East Malaysia customers if they have been informed of this risk and they agree.

Below we included how the event occurred.

this is how when it comes to Pos Laju International Hub (KLIA), and after that returned to the sender’s post laju office.

And also some Letter


Second delivery attempted



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