Lenovo S650 invalid imei baseband missing unknown sim card not inserted

Hi all, again our reader sent out his Smartphone LEnovo s650, similar problem with Lenovo s850 missing unknown imei baseband no simcard not detected.

BUt this time this Lenovo s650 also got problem with system hanging, Lenovo Launcher always not responding, wifi internet performing so slow. This Lenovo s650 came with system version ROW s111, and the official update seems interrupted when doing system upgrade Over the Air seems like the Firmware need to be re-flashed or upgraded for stability.

So we decided to Flash a new Official ROM for this Lenovo s650 as our reader requested to upgrade his system version. At first we upgraded into s650 s116 android 4.2.2 after we fixed the Simcard undetected problem, we decided to upgrade to the latest firmware available which s650 s215 android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

After performing upgrade to the s116 version,  there were no more system hanging, everything smooth just like  a brand new purchased smart phone, but to bad for this s650 owner, his phone seem to have problem with the touch at the lower part. Probably there were little cracked that required  a replacement of Digitizer screen.

Then, to fix the simcard undetected problem and Imei invalid, baseband missing as usual, previously we already blogged about it, similar problem and similar solution.

Lenovo s650 need to be Root to access the system files. To root the Lenovo s650, we used software iRoot v1.85 to be installed on PC.

USB debugging mode must be enabled on Lenovo S650

there are some drivers need to be install in order for the laptop to recognize  the Lenovo Smart Phone which are:

Lenovo USB Driver ( for root Only via PC)

USBVCOM  for lenovo s650: there are some version, one of below should worked for you. (Only need this driver if you’re performing Flash ROM)


or if windows doesn’t recognized try below


after everything was prepared, Run the software iRoot as administrator, make sure USB debugging mode is turn ON, click connect from the interface, when phone recognize by iRoot, the Root button will be visible, click and Lenovo s650 will restart to complete the root process. You can disconnect your phone from PC.

After the Lenovo s650 was rooted then Install ROM toolbox Lite from playstore.

Launch and get Root access. Open Root Browser from ROM Toolbox Lite and located to folder:


touch nvram folder for few seconds then when option appeared choose to move the folder, then find another folder inside Rom browser, for me, i chose

to paste nvram folder to Sdcard/DCIM because easy to located if need to restore back. instead of move you can delete, but better to backup first.

In few second, your Lenovo s650 popup a user agreement, click OK then your   Lenovo s650  will start searching for signal. Wait for few second, then you can restart your phone, after successfully restarted check back your System version, Imei version and baseband version, all must be restored back like original and your simcard now can be recognized by the system.

Again Upgraded to s215 android KitKat latest version of s650.

Good Luck. If you can’t do it by following our guide above you can send your smartphone to us. We can solved it with little charges, contact us now: +60142871121 Whatsapp available.

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2 Replies to “Lenovo S650 invalid imei baseband missing unknown sim card not inserted”


March 4, 2016 at 3:19 pm

thank you in advanced

I have a lenovo s650 I flashed it , I choose format and Download in SP Flash Tool v5.1352
to upgrade then I got it my imei lost. 🙁

I did everything you said about root and move that nvram and etc..
but nothing happened
my phone is root 100%
I moved that Folder 100%
but nothing.

Do you have any suggestion?



    March 6, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    check my recent post on how to write imei manually using mtk droid tool


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