Lenovo A850 sim card not detected, imei baseband missing unknown

Lenovo a850 problem with SIM card undetected because missing of Imei and baseband info lead to comm failure.

lenovo a850
sim card inserted but not detected in android system

Even though SIM card is inserted, but notification remains with SIM card not inserted

lenovo a850
no sim card inserted while it already insert.

Cause of the problem
User said it suddenly happened after he changed SIM card

Corrupted nvram may cause from system update or suddenly remove simcard so that as a precaution turn off handphone before removing the SIM card to ensure system data were not affected or corrupted and if any ongoing system update do not turn of handphone until everything complete. Also do not remove the battery while the system still running, shut down the system via the off button first then remove the battery after the completed turn off.

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Problem solved

Root your phone via framaroot
Install ROM toolbox lite from Google Playstore

lenovo a850
this photo taken after the previous nvram deleted, just to show you where it located through rom browser. and it is regenerated back after restart. data/nvram

And delete nvram folder inside ROM toolbox lite on Root Browser : data/nvram
Before deleting nvram folder copy and backup somewhere first in case of software brick.

lenovo a850
signal regain, sim card detected

In 10 Secs SIM card will regain its signal, restart your phone,
Nvram folder will be recreated back
While SIM card will be detected again and can normally makes calls or data.

If you unable to do it, send your handphone to us, we will fix it for you with little charges. 0142871121

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10 thoughts on “Lenovo A850 sim card not detected, imei baseband missing unknown”

  1. i just wanna say thank you so much.. i follow ur instrusction and its work.. but i didnt use framaroot software.. always said webpage was block.. so i try to use kingroot.. thanks so much.. 🙂

  2. salam sir. i got the same problem but not cause by removing simcard or battery etc. in case, my phone cant detect simcard after my bad luck had to tried flashing custom recovery on this phone using app mobileuncle tool mtk. so, i have following your instruction with using romtoolbox and delete data/nvram . but nothing happen and i try to restart and do again. but nothing happen too.

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