Lenovo a560 smartphone overheated, slow download from playstore solved


if we look through the specification of the phone, it is came with Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8212, 512 MB RAM MEMORY very small to run newest app nowadays and 4GB Storage and online price for just only RM189-RM220 on lelong.com.my.

According to review on Amazon.com this phone quite terrible which most of the buyers were unsatisfied due to slow performance overheating and shutdown the apps , low quality camera, so that’s what the price could offered.

And today our customer brought this phone to us, for installing some basic apps, according to him, he just bought this phone and it’s brand new and that’s why he need some basic social apps.

Okay as our thought it’s gonna be simple, like  go to Play store and download  the apps there, at first we download, and the progress began but after few percent, the progress bar stuck and did not move and then suddenly apps failed to installed, we then made few more trial to ensure it’s not an internet line problem but same thing occurred.

We also notice our time already 1.30pm while the phone still stuck showing 12.59pm since half an hour ago. Other than that the phone was overheated, it’s an abnormal heat, too hot as in laptop this such heat will caused a system hang and slow down.

So we guess we should disabled some unnecessarily Lenovo Bloatware which automatically ran during startup like SECUREIT, DU battery Saver, Du Speed Booster and some other unnecessary software which for this model it is incapable to handle too much apps, so we disable some apps that does not needed such baidu browser (too much ads), when you have chrome, baidu browser is not necessary as it came readily with Lenovo Bloatware so we could only disable the apps. And few more apps that we disabled were shown below.

After disabling all the unnecessary apps, restart the phone and then you can continue installing the apps from playstore with hassle free and smooth, the phone no longer overheated.


If you plan to remove the apps completely, so you need another work which to root the device and install Titanium Backcup Pro which really helpful in uninstalling bloatware that came with the operating system.


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