Lenovo A3600-D Multilanguage ROM Download

A very quick update,  we just want to share a multilanguage ROM  for the Lenovo A3600-D. Problem previously was just a boot loop problem, very common to android device, may caused by incomplete update or bad apps (virus) probably. So some tips here if you’re just online through the DATA connection, it best for you to change the setting to Manual update, never set for automatic update because of the limited DATA quota that may slow down the update and terminate itself.

It very common,  similar step, for Lenovo MTK 65XX device, once you familiar, it becoming an easy task,  Just like any other MEdiatek Device, what you need to have on your PC before begin flashing is:

SP FLash Tools (To download ROM from PC to Phone)

Lenovo USB Driver /  USB VCOM Driver (to communicate between PC and Phone)

ROM suitable for A3600-D ( Warning: flashing incompatible ROM may cause functionality of your device)

Dowbload ROM Multilanguage A3600-D

sorry guise (i will later create special page for Download Section) and provide you the link for download the Tools listed above.

Step to begin with:

Installed Lenovo USB Driver / USB VCOM driver

Just to highlight, in order to PC to recognized the phone, under PORT COM in device manager , a device name (Mediatek VCOM… ) must be listed there

Prepare SP-Flash Tool for Download Mode, browse for scatter Loading  file from the ROM Folder, Untick Preloader, others are fine

Click Download When ready, for this model do not remove battery when flashing.

While in Download Mode, Plug in USB to connect between phone and PC, Flashing will stop searching device after found lenovo phone and started the download process. Wait until finish, if you get the BROM error and such, probably connection lost, pick a good USB Cable, don’t move device during download , to avoid phone disconnected.

That’s all, simple and this step also similar to other mediatek device MTK65XX, only you have to get a correct ROM for your device.



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