10 minutes replace Keyboard on Acer Aspire E1-522

This laptop Acer E1-522 was brought to us after our customer reported that some of the keys is not functional which not produce an output when it being pressed.


As usual keyboard failure as we usually seen mostly is due to dusts, smoke waste, dandruff, hair,  piece of snacks, liquid spill that settling in the inner surface of the keyboard. Once it get into the bottom of the key, it hard to clean unless you know which button that cause the problem. Actually there is software to test each button of the keyboard which are misfunctional, and when you get the button right, disassemble the key and clean it. Sometimes you can trace many button misfunction but  it’s actually  one button that caused another button also misfunction. It’s is tough and time consuming .

It’s much more easier and cheaper to get a brand new replacement keyboard than to repair and clean the keys of the keyboard.

Chiclet (chewing gum pastel) keyboard or island keyboard style

Most of the new laptop nowadays came with keyboards that were  a part of the palm rest cover. But it not necessarily to replace the whole set of palm rest cover as the bare keyboard itself are ready and available for replacement parts in our store.

But it requires much more work, the palm rest cover need to pulled out and the silver  plate that cover the keyboard underneath the frame of the palm rest cover need to be detach in order to replace the keyboard.

Bottom of the Palm rest cover and keyboard frame

The keyboard  is held by silver metal plate and glued by plastic rivets  and can be snapped back in order to detached the metal plate from the bottom of palm rest cover


hair detected, smoke waste detected
smoke wasted detected
one time free service, so as long as the dusts removed and vent clear

the new replacement keyboard bottom
the new replacement keyboard with Windows 7 style logo

Well if the keyboard bracket is similar you can swap if u need the new logo, but for this case the bracket was not similar, so we can’t swap, but it’s not a problem at all
it’s all fine now

Well something to take note, dont lost any screw and clip while you disassemble the cover as after removing the plastic rivets that held the metal plate and the keyboard to the palm rest cover and replace by new keyboard, either you have to find an alternative way to get the metal plate and the new keyboard held back to the palm rest cover or else later you will felt something is loose between the frame and keyboard.

But for this model it is acceptable for not glue back the metal plate and the keyboard to the palm rest cover as long as you put back all the screws and also the clips between bottom cover and palm rest cover well attached.



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