Good Job for easy parcel of Handling damage item report.

We just want to give credit to easyparcel for completing the claims made in May 2017, even though it was initially given within two to three months for the compensation to be made, and now is october meaning almost 5 months, we actually remember it already passed 3 months before but we does not seem like to follow up since this item is not so expensive so we’re surrendered.

So the process is a bit simple, email to them the photo of damage item and described your packaging, the item also no need to handover to pos laju for investigation.

Easyparcel will reply with to fill in Pos Laju feedback form and the given timeframe is 3month.

Claims can usually only be claimed by the sender, so for the client side has already been resolved. we have already replaced the new item immediately after the buyer made a report to us.


We use this box since March 2017 and this only 1 damage occurs. We are admitting not to use any warning labels on the box before as we are confident the box can handle the roughness, but the cause of damage can be seen it is because of accidentally folded.

To think in terms of logical sense, when we use the box it is definitely our thing will not be broken as long as the shape of the box remains, and if this box is folded so surely the item will be damaged, and if we allow our stuff to fold, so what is the reason we use the box, better use plastic.

However, we always improve and upgrade each parcel by placing a little hard board on the side of the box so the box is not easy to fold and the warning label is also attached. so far no further reports of damage have been reported by our buyers.


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