Flashing Sony Xperia C1501 E single with android 4.1.1

Hello everyone, a quick update better than none. This Sony Xperia C1505 E Single Sim was brought to us after the phone experiencing Auto restarting problem, it suddenly restart randomly, so we got to tried on upgrading and downgrading the firmware in case some incompatibility,  but the final update was  downgrade or upgrade wasn’t the  solution for random restart problem, but along the way we would like to share some guide on flashing a new firmware for Sony xperia c2105 E Single, so here we go:

So first of first preparing the working space with necessaries flashing tool  software and driver

Tools that we need are:

Flash Tool software for Sony Xperia  this included flash tool driver for Sony no need to download separately)

The firmware file for sony xperia E single

GUide to flashing the software:

1: Install flashtool for sony xperia, it will be located at c:/flashtool after installation.

  :then the stock ROM firmware for Sony xperia E single, can be download here version C1505_11.3.A.2.33_CE.ftf

2: after that connect the c1505 to the PC

3. In flashtool folder C:\flashtool, located drivers folder and there will be flashtool_drivers, this application include all the driver for Sony Xperia,

Select Flashmode driver and select the driver for C1505, proceed to installation and wait until finish.

4. In flash tool, Run the flashtool.exe  for 32 bit version or flashtool64.exe for 64 bit version.

when prompt for home selector. accept the C:\Users\[user name]\.flashTool\firmwares for storing the firmware.

then it will syncing to github, just wait, probably required internet connection, we not sure coz we always on.

On the log , should it written device sync finished.

, and copy your sony c1505 firmware .ftf inside the firmwares folder located at C:\Users\[username]\.flashTool\firmwares

Click flash button on flashtool software on top right. On bootmode chooser, select “flashmode” and click OK.

In the firmware selector dialog box, the firmware for c1505 will be listed, on Wipe : select user data , this will clean install and delete all user data., make sure you have done backup, this is important to wipe all userdata or else you’ll be experiencing launcher not responding  after flashing process done.

After that click Flash and wait for the preparation of the flash file.

A dialog box asking for you to power off the device will appear,

follow the instruction, power off, disconnect the USB, then pressing volume down (for xperia E) hold while you connect back the USB on the xperia E .

Flashing process will begin and wait until the log files written flashing finish, then you can disconnect USB and turn on the phone for upgrading process.

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