Flashing Lenovo A850+ with ROW Multilanguage ROM

Hello everyone, this lenovo A850+ was brought to us after the phone infected with Malware which the symptom whenever WIfi or Data is turn ON, it will automatically download apps which you do not need. It will caused your phone busy, heavy and slow while you can’t do anything else.

The caused of this problem as from our observation according to the previous case, it’s due to either APUS Launcher or Hola Launcher which we are not sure how the user get this application inside.

Launcher is like you’re wearing Lenovo while you want the interface to be like an Iphone IOS, so in this case you will need an apps called Iphone Launcher.

So that’s how probably user are being trapped to install such launcher, because it will offer such a pretty look interface and while at the same time there must be a lot of advertisement which offer another apps to be download to the phone.

Previously we already tried a solution without Flashing the device, which we need to root the phone and uninstalling the unnecessary apps through Titanium Backup Pro, it just like the virus on Windows, these naughty app is hiding behind the name such a cameraupdate.apk to disguise as the system camera apps which is camera.apk, even though we did removed all the apps that we sure it was not a common system file but at the end problem persist, whenever wifi is turn on, so suddenly the apps being downloaded itself again and the Apus and Hola launcher still available while we are sure we did uninstall previously.

Next time, we promised we will came with a solution which does not required phone to be flash to solve this kind of problem, for now time is not permit us so we’ll flash this a850+ with multilanguage ROM which surely solved this kind of problem


Tools you need to prepare before attempting flashing process:


1: Firmware of Lenovo A850+ Mutilanguage support 70 language

2. Lenovo USB Driver 


or if windows doesn’t recognized try below


3. SP Flash Tool ( normally it available  with the firmware file you just download located inside folder flash tool/ flash_tool.exe)

Then the step to take note:

  1. Connect Lenovo A850+ to the computer you working on. Install Lenovo USB Modem driver, wait sometime until installation finish, to check whether it success or not, simply open Device Manager and the Mediatek Preloader driver will be located under PORT & COM.

  1. Launch SP Flash Tool that came with the firmware you just download, run as administrator in case needed.
  2. To begin the flashing process, most typical to LEnovo smartphone or MEdiatek Device, if it come with removable battery, remove the battery first before attempting flashing process. Or else flashing process won’t start or device not detected by SP flash tool. After battery remove, your computer will detect a new device which you need the USB VCom driver as above. If this driver not installed SP Flash tool won’t communicate with your A850+.
  3. Setting up the SP Flash Tool with A850+ stock rom firmware android 4.2.2 official Multilanguage version
  4. The lenovo a850+ flashing is much more simpler, at the Download TAB, choose Firmware Upgrade and at the scatter loading menu, browse for scatter loading file inside the a850+ firmware folder, then the scatter file will mapped the necessary files for upgrading process.

  1. Click Download button to begin and wait until the Green success and OK button appear and you can remove the a850+ from your PC.

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