Fixing broken Flat Ribbon Cable on switch and backlit keyboard

This laptop toshiba a655 was send to us after the media button did not function and did not light up.

Previously this laptop has been sent for repair by our customer and the laptop technician probably forgot to connect back the cable properly,

too bad for us the laptop already sealed with warranty sticker so we got to tear it off carefully using sharp knife without leaving a broken mark on the sticker seal.

and after skimming  properly, guess what. it caused by the ribbon cable of the media button wrongly attached making no connection to the motherboard.

So that when we disassemble the laptop, we found the fan blade was dirty seem like they’re not done a cleaning on the CPU fan. The thermal pad of 0.5mm also in dirty condition, so we decided to clean the fan and replace a new thermal pad also new thermal paste.

After we reassemble back, we found that the switch flat ribbon cable, and the keyboard backlight flat ribbon cable already in worst condition, the conductive line seem to be broken, similarly to the led backlight keyboard ribbon cable they were nearly torn apart. Sadly, We couldn’t turn on the laptop ;(.

remove the broken part and scratched a new line, just simple line and compare the size with the original line. as long as it can make connection.


When we tried  to connect the switch button, the ribbon seem to be loose, the hard plastic on the ribbon that usually help to drive the cable to the connector was already tear apart. So that, we tried to take a risk by cutting the ribbon cable to get rid off the broken conductive line and scratch it to make a new line. Similarly to the backlight keyboard ribbon we cut  the broken part and we made a new line by scratching the ribbon until the conductive lane became visible.

To do this make sure you have right tools, use sharp knife to scratch, just light scratch don’t go to extreme, find back the hard plastic that help to drive the ribbon to the connector, cut is similar size with the ribbon and glue it with super glue. the width must cut in similar size. If still no connection add some more hard thin plastic. When you have the right tool your job become easy.

Sorry guys this is stressful job we missed to take some footage. Especially the switch button part.

It’s a risky when we unable to scratch a good line, the cable will become unusable if it getting cut and short, the sprapepart for switch button especially Toshiba which hardly to find, we found on ebay and  it cost 35 USD not include shipping.

media button light up again

Finally we able to get the laptop revived back :), the switch button revived back, the media button in working condition and the keyboard back-light also working back as if newly bought laptop.

back to normal

So basically that’s how we work, we  will always get thorough when it come to laptop service and repair. We’ll make sure everything is in good condition before completely reassembled the laptop. If it happen something is not going right,  we will disassemble and fixed it back. This is how our nature, we love to do it, it’s our passion :).




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