Fixed imei unknown rewrite imei null on mtk65xx device

i hate to tell you that the phone with null or unknown imei on my hand here was just another Lenovo A850 with mtk6582 chip.

This null imei got after flashing a new rom that not suitable but compatible with the chip.

so that this imei cannot be retrieve by using our previous method, delete and restore nvram folder but only by method rewriting the imei using MTK Droid Tool

what you need to do before starting rewrite the imei:

-phone must be root

-usb debugging mode must turn on

-download MTK droid tool software, if it came with compressed version please unzip or unrAr

-started MTK Droid with administrator privilege(not necessary)

inside the software, get the root privileged, if you see green progress mean is all right.

click on NVRAM and fill in IMEI 1 and Imei 2 if the sim came with a dual sim

you can get your original imei behind the phone back case, take out the battery first and you should notice the imei number:

copy and rewrite the imei 1 box

for imei 2 to just add +8 so if it end 55, imei 2 should be 63


Click Replace IMEI

after done, reboot device and imei should be available.


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