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Flashing Official ROM on Samsung J SM-J100H/DS Android 4.4.4

This Samsung  J SM-J100H/DS was brought to us because of our customer insisted for the phone to be install  with a new firmware even though after we inspect that the phone was in good condition and after factory reset also we found it already on a latest version of firmware.

So we couldn’t resist and here we go

By following our guides here we are consider you’ve done necessary backup important data and contact list

Tools  needed before attempting flashing process:

1: Firmware of Samsung J SM-J100H/ds and if you need the firmware that support your own local language pick … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Sony Xperia J ST26i

Hello Everyone, this Sony Xperia J ST26i was brought to us after we are not sure but we are instructed to install a new firmware, and upgrade so here we go:

Like our previous Sony Xperia E  C1505, the step is similar:

Tools that we need are:

Flashtool by Androxyde

Sony Xperia J driver and Flashmode Driver (included in Flashtool Driver Folder)

Firmware For Sony Xperia J version 11.2.A.0.31_CE.ftf

That’s all

So no need to turn ON but connect Sony ST26i to the PC you’re working on, so it will searching for driver, You can installed manually the driver through … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Sony Xperia C1501 E single with android 4.1.1

Hello everyone, a quick update better than none. This Sony Xperia C1505 E Single Sim was brought to us after the phone experiencing Auto restarting problem, it suddenly restart randomly, so we got to tried on upgrading and downgrading the firmware in case some incompatibility,  but the final update was  downgrade or upgrade wasn’t the  solution for random restart problem, but along the way we would like to share some guide on flashing a new firmware for Sony xperia c2105 E Single, so here we go:

So first of first preparing the working space with necessaries flashing tool  software and … Baca seterusnya