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Record new movie drama series astro, vhs, ps2, xbox with easycap video capture

Hello everyone, sorry if you guys got to hear this all the time, google will be mad for copy pasting though we change the beat,  we are striving to offer you guys with  top quality laptop batteries, LCD Screen , keyboard and other laptop spare part, we yet to complete our laptop parts listing, Just wait for more products update.

New stock just coming for Easycap Audio Video Capture Astro VHS,PS2, Xbox PC recorder, after previously sold out within a week.

Have you ever question how those people recorded new movie, drama series from astro and … Baca seterusnya

Removing Windows Not Genuine Notification and Black Theme

Hello everyone, these past month and onward, we’ll Busy providing you with high quality laptop batteries, LCD, keyboard and other laptop spare part, we still working on completing our laptop parts listing, Just stay tune for more products update.

Last recent week, our reader just requested to solve his laptop problem which are Black Theme, unable to change theme, Windows not genuine watermark, and Windows not genuine warning during Windows start up.

Okay as i thought on the internet you can google and found many info how to crack/activated your Windows in  a free way. But … Baca seterusnya

Preparing a new hard disk with XP bootable primary partition for XP Ghost Image

Hi all,  here we go, my customer came in with an Acer Aspire 5020 , with broken cover and hinge but they plaster it everywhere. LOL.

Problem with system hanging, can’t enter Widows, even the DVD ROM player cannot read CD anymore, their previous technician unable to format for them, that’s why he brought to us, because we have every single trick to make everything possible regarding your laptop system even when your USB or DVD wasn’t working.

We took out the Hard Disk and open as external drive to another laptop, when we go through Disk Management our laptop … Baca seterusnya

Windows XP stuck at Welcome screen looping for activation Solution

Our client would like to speed up their system after Windows lag during start up. Laptop Acer Aspire 4315 came with broken or loose hinge (can’t help it need a replacement of hinges both side), fan spinning a bit noisy and hot, we expect the fan was clogging, then laptop spec are Celeron 1.86GHz, 512MB Ram 80GB HDD. Running of Windows XP SP3 with new software that doesn’t meet the  system requirement. So you could imagine how slow the system was.

We suggested him to upgrade another 1GB of 2nd hand DDR2 RAM to increase the performance but they want … Baca seterusnya

HP 15-r027TX revert to factory installed original windows 8.1 & vb6 sp6

hp 15 software reset
HP recovery manager

This laptop was brought to us to performed a clean install of Windows and also to install Visual Basic 6.0.

Because of we noticed the hard drive partition contain a Recovery partition so we decided to perform a factory reset to bring the laptop to it factory installed   windows 8.1 single language genuine and ready built in hp utilities.

To be able to do this while this laptop can enter Windows, we run the software called HP Recovery Manager,  and choose factory installed setting. After selecting the option laptop will restart and enter the recovery mode. We … Baca seterusnya

Clean the Notification Area Icon Cache in Windows 7 & 8

Origin.exe and avastui.exe already uninstalled from this Pc but the icon remain

A request from my customer to remove this two icon while the program is no longer installed in his laptop. So kind of weird when the application already uninstalled so no more idea where to remove this two icon in notification area.

So finally found out some registry trick could remove these two icon cache.

open command prompt and run as administrator, and paste the following code to the command prompt

taskkill /im explorer.exe /f
reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify" /v IconStreams /f
reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify" /v PastIconsStream
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Fix Black Screen in Crysis3 Solved

crysis3 black screen

fix crysis Balck screen by changing hightlighted word Russian to english


After launching the crysis3 game, and you heard voice and sound but no display, always black screen and here is the solution. Don’t panic as it not necessarily because of unsupported graphic card.

crysis Balck screen


Open Notepad and Run as Administrator or else you can’t save the file that later I’ll show you that a little modification needed.

From the notepad, open file name system.cfg located at crysis3 folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\R.G. Mechanics\Crysis 3

if you can’t find, select File type as “All Files” not … Baca seterusnya

Copy Clone DVD CD with Copyright Pretected

cd dvd dengan copyright protected biasenya melibatkan media berbentuk Movie


Salam and Good Day. Hari ni saya ingin berkongsi dengan software yang boleh Copy, clone, burn CD atau DVD yang telah dilindungi atau di lock daripada di salin, diedar, di klon kan oleh orang selain yang mempunyai hakcipta terhadap media tersebut.

Banyaklah customer yang mencari saya untuk melakukan kerja ini kerana kebanyakan yang lain tidak dapat melakukannya dengan hanya software burner yang biasa seperti Nero Burning ROM, ultra Iso dan sebagainya. Software tersebut akan gagal menyalin biasenye di awal, atau di penghujung dengan menunjukkan data yang disalin sekitar 10 … Baca seterusnya

Aplikasi web terbaik Download Video youtube facebook

Okay kali ni saya ingin memperkenalkan software yang menarik, sesuai untuk digunakan pada mereka yang suka mendownload video. Kita mungkin familiar dengan perisian seperti internet download manager yang mempunyai plugin yang boleh diintegrasi di web browser untuk mendownload video. Tapi perisian ini adalah berbayar, jika memakai crack juga akan terdeteksi dan disekat semula dari menggunakan aplikasi ini sepenuhnya. Dan aplikasi lain contohnya Youtube download manager yang hanya boleh download di youtube sahaja.

download video dengan torch

Lain pula dengan perisian web Torch ini, antaramukanya se akan Google Chrome yang telah dimodifikasi dengan tambahan fungsi mendownload video dan torrent. Selain itu … Baca seterusnya

Duplicate File Cleaner

Kadang kala sewaktu menyalin fail dan mendownload fail, tanpa disedari kita telah suatu ketika dahulu memuat turun fail tersebut, tetapi ianya tersimpan di dalam folder yang berlainan dan jarang dibuka, oleh itu ramai yang gemar memuat turun fail baru daripada membuang masa mencari fail  tersebut. Ia hanya menyemakkan hard disk anda dan lebih baik membuang fail tersebut.

Amatla mustahil untuk membuangnya satu persatu, adalah lebih baik menggunakansoftware yang dapat mengimbas dan membanding fail yang sama itu dari segi saiz, nama fail untuk lebih terpeinci.

Disini terdapat satu contoh software yang dapat melakukan tugas ini, Glary Duplicate Cleaner dapat mengimbas fail … Baca seterusnya