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How to create Universal Ghost Image for Window XP, 7, 8 and 8.1

Hello  everyone, before the year end and before my memory fades, i would like to recalled back on topic of Universal Ghost. When we said Universal means it will suit most of the system whether  be like AMD or Intel  it will successfully cloned with no blue screen, black screen or whatsoever.for this time we will not have screen shot, will fully written through out my remembrance.



Tools you need is just a clean Windows, prepared with some basic software, if the system already installed with driver also fine because we will sysprepping the Windows. Sysprep is actually … Baca seterusnya

Preparing a new hard disk with XP bootable primary partition for XP Ghost Image

Hi all,  here we go, my customer came in with an Acer Aspire 5020 , with broken cover and hinge but they plaster it everywhere. LOL.

Problem with system hanging, can’t enter Widows, even the DVD ROM player cannot read CD anymore, their previous technician unable to format for them, that’s why he brought to us, because we have every single trick to make everything possible regarding your laptop system even when your USB or DVD wasn’t working.

We took out the Hard Disk and open as external drive to another laptop, when we go through Disk Management our laptop … Baca seterusnya

Windows 9 dinamakan Windows 10. Live Download Available!

Microsoft Windows 10 Interface

Foto diambil secara terus dari Blog Microsoft

Mengikut laporan Microsoft telah secara rasminya mengumumkan versi terbaru Windows setelah Windows 8.1 adalah Windows 10. Beberapa perkara penting ditekankan adalah:

Microsoft telah mengenalpasti bahawa kebanyakan pengguna tidak menggemari Windows 8  dan versi terbaru Windows ini lebih fokus kepada penggunaan Desktop. Windows 10 menyasarkan akan menyatukan segalanya dimana dalam satu platform dan satu simpanan untuk segalanya merentasi semua peralatan. Aplikasi yang ditulis untuk Windows 10 juga dapat bekerja di dalam Windows tablet dan Windows Phone.

Untuk melihat preview Windows 10 boleh melayari link ini dan untuk mendownload WIndows … Baca seterusnya