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Dell xps l501x subwoofer produce distorted crackle sound,

This laptop dell xps l501x with JBL speaker was brought to us because of the speaker producing a weird, loud crackled sound. The customer asked for a replacement. After we study the specification of the laptop, this model came with two types of speaker, normal left and right speaker and another one is the subwoofer.

Before we order the replacement part for the laptop, we have to make sure which speaker causing the problem, therefore we asked the customer to bring her laptop to us for checking.

After we disassembled the laptop, and done some testing, finally we found that … Baca seterusnya

Acer Aspire 4530 speaker torn with distorted sound Replacement

After speaker successfully changed

This laptop Acer Aspire 4530 was brought to us at first because of the screen had a stuck pixel. The screen turn into red color. After we do some screen test for removing stuck pixel, the screen goes back to its normal condition and display awesomely.

aspire 4530
speaker spotted

But laptop Acer aspire 4530 also got another problem with the speaker because of the sound being played was crackle and distorted, really bad for the ears.

asire 4530
broken speaker
aspire 4530
broken speaker
aspire 4530
used speaker but function well

As it’s obviously a speaker problem, we suggest a replacement with a … Baca seterusnya