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Asus Eee Pc 1015 DC Jack or power adapter faults

This Asus Eee Pc 1015PEM was given to us due to power problem which when the adapter move a little bit will cause the laptop power off (when no battery inserted) or not charging when battery inserted.

As from the problem statement it was obviously either a broken DC Jack or faulty Power Adapter. Due to the hole of the power adapter connector for Asus EEE Pc 105 was very small, which hardly to measure using typical Multimeter with big test lid probes so we decided to disassembled the laptop and measure the current from the output of DC Jack. … Baca seterusnya

Toshiba Satellite L510 Dc Jack Power Connector Wire Harness Replacement


toshiba l510
Spotted it location


This Laptop Toshiba Satellite L510 problem was not able to charge normally as the Connector inside became loose or broken.

toshiba l510
broken connector (rod inside)

As it impossible to fix, we suggested a replacement with a second hand set of Toshiba Satellite L510 Dc Jack Wire Harness Power Connector.

Toshiba l510 DC Jack Wire Power Connector

We disassembled the laptop to located the DC Jack Power Connector. It’s cable type DC Jack Power Connector which makes our job a lot more easier.

toshiba l510
bottom cover removal
tosiba l510
Keyboard removal
toshiba l510
Palm rest cover removal
toshiba l510
fit in place

After done … Baca seterusnya

DC Jack pada Laptop Motherboard

DC jack pada motherboard laptop  bertanggungjawab bagi menjalankan arus elektrik dari   AC Adapter ke seluruh mesin anda. Ini membenarkan ke dua dua fungsi mengecas  bateri anda, dan membolehkan laptop anda untuk berjalan  secara langsung melalui AC Adapter. Ia pada asasnya adalah komponen yang menjadi antaramuka bagi membolehkan AC Adapter anda untuk bersambung dengan laptop anda, ini menjadikan ia satu komponen penting dalam operasi  laptop anda.

Dc Jack terus ke motherboard
DC JAck terus ke motherboard
DC JAck dipasang ke laptop anda dengan salah satu daripada tiga cara. Ia boleh dipateri secara langsung kepada motherboard, yang bermakna ia disambungkan dengan menggunakan timah pateri antara hujung pin
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Laptop Power Jack Broken Casing Repair Asus K43U

asus k43u
Broken cover near the hinge

THIS LAPTOP ASUS K43U was brought to us because the problem of turning on the laptop due to the dcjack problem and the broken casing near the hinge makes it hard to closed down or open the lid of laptop screen.

Then we fixed the dc jack by re-soldering the wire cable (red) that should be connected to the positive rod of the dc jack.

asus k43u power jack connector
The red wire of Power Jack detached from it positive rod


asus k43u
Soldering helping hand
asus k43u
Performing re-soldering of the dc jack wire
asus k43u
cover the soldering part with glue to avoid
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