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Beeping sound on Lenovo S110 Keyboard

Hello everyone just to tell you that if you ever encounter problem just like on the video, You got to get a new keyboard and a replacement  is  needed for the keyboard beeping problem. You can find many of replacement keyboard in our store, currently few but many to come and being uploaded, save the link and stay tuned.


Our customer just came with a lenovo s110 netbook problem with Windows unresponsive, took very long to load into Windows and always not responding. As we face this kind of problem many in the past it took us few … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace Asus A550C Laptop Screen Cracked Vertical Lines

asus a550c
LAptop Screen Cracked

This laptop Asus A550C was brought to us because of the laptop was unintentionally dropped and  cause the screen crack with vertical lines and black spot at the corner side. The only solution for laptop screen that having a cracked screen was only a replacement with a brand new lcd screen depending on type, size and connector pin of the screen to fit the laptop screen cover .

asus a550c
After replacing with new screen


asus a550c
video sultan johor tak nak salam dengan ahmad maslan? :O


if you’re looking for screen replacement you have come to right place, … Baca seterusnya

Fixing broken Flat Ribbon Cable on switch and backlit keyboard

This laptop toshiba a655 was send to us after the media button did not function and did not light up.

Previously this laptop has been sent for repair by our customer and the laptop technician probably forgot to connect back the cable properly,

too bad for us the laptop already sealed with warranty sticker so we got to tear it off carefully using sharp knife without leaving a broken mark on the sticker seal.

and after skimming  properly, guess what. it caused by the ribbon cable of the media button wrongly attached making no connection to the motherboard.

So that … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace Lenovo s100 screen cracked white black spot LCD

Hello everyone if you’re looking for screen replacement you have come to right place, have a visit to our Lelong store, and browse our available laptop screen, place an order and we’ll ship the good to you as soon as possible. And for Lenovo Netbook model S110 S100 S10-3 S10-3c S10-3s. The listings here what fits your netbook. Feel free to contact me if need confirmation of your laptop model 0142871121 Whatsapp/sms for better communication :).

Recently just got a netbook Lenovo s100, similar problem with previous Lenovo s110 screen cracking.

And the only available solution for … Baca seterusnya

Motherboard Replacement on Acer 4540 AMD Turion

Hello everyone 2.35 am in the morning, we working  overnight just to serve our customer better.

Last week got an Acer Aspire 4540 Laptop with AMD Turion, ATI Radeon HD4200 Graphic. Problem with no display, as we suspected the ATI Graphic is dying,

As our customer need his laptop urgently fix. So that we  offered a refurbish motherboard replacement instead of repairing his motherboard. This only took us 3-4days for ordering the replacement  motherboard and installation process.

Our customer agreed with our suggestion and here how it goes, real buyer, real customer and trusted seller deal within seconds.

A friendly … Baca seterusnya

Dell Latitude D660 to replace the missing IDE Pata hard disk

Happy Sunday everyone, recently our agent came with his customer newly bought second hand set of Laptop Dell Latitude D610, he bought from Kastam Lelong, we don’t know how cheap the price is but the laptop missing it IDE Pata hard disk drive along with the IDE adapter.

Lucky for our customer we got a second hand set of 80GB IDE PATA 2.5″ hard drive in our store. Condition was perfect for installing Windows.

But another one missing was the IDE PATA Adapter, which we don’t have in stock required to order in 2 Business Days.

After a replacement and … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace cracked Screen Lenovo S110 10.1 LED LCD Slim

Hi everyone, today got a Netbook Model Lenovo s110 problem with cracked, broken screen.

This netbook screen came with 10.1 inch LED Screen Slim Size with standard 40 pin connector, reading from backside it bottom right connector.

So that when it physically defective which broken or cracked screen with most cases due to netbook fell from higher place, netbook was stepped because it placed on the floor, netbook screen was  slapped or smashed because of the hot blooded owner (real story guys) .

So that a replacement of a screen is the only solution in order for the laptop to … Baca seterusnya

10 Minutes Compaq CQ40 Cmos battery modification with CR2032

Hello guys, 1.13Am in the morning. A quick update better than none. Today, received a Compaq CQ40 problem with the date and time were not saved after have been set.

A typical common problem for a laptop with  5-6 years older. Whatever size of the CMOS battery that the laptop originally supplied whether a 5 cent or 10 or 20cent of size can be replaced by a common desktop cmos battery cr2032 with simple modification BUT make sure the original supply voltage CMOS Battery  also value of 3Volt.

What you need are, a cr2032 cmos battery, 13mm diameter size of … Baca seterusnya

What inside HP envy 4-1019TU

What’s up guy, been busy with the new project , so had little time with blogging, recently just got into HP Envy 4 -1019 TU system, problem with the keyboard, automatically pressed sometimes bothering the windows to load. So during clean install We can’t passed the installation screen, Windows setup stuck probably cause by some key that we can’t figure which one because we unable to enter Windows. So we disassembled the laptop to disconnect the keyboard connector so it won’t bothering.

So here it was the ultrabook, came with internal battery, 2 RAM slots which  it can support up … Baca seterusnya

Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2 Motherboard PC Repair

This desktop was  brought to us due to unable to display anything on screen, display remain black while the cpu fan kept running.

Our lucky customer manage to save a lot on repairing his motherboard, previously he sent his desktop to a computer shop and they said the motherboard need a replacement. Due to it’s old model with DDR2 which hardly to find a new motherboard that can support DDR2 RAM because mostly became obsolete and was replaced by DDR3 motherboard. The shop assistant told him that the motherboard need replacement along with the RAM which will cost RM500++.

Then, … Baca seterusnya

Acer Travelmate 2354NLCi Bios Cmos Battery modified Replacement

For Acer Travelmate 2354NLCi Bios Backup Battery CMOS Modified Replacement.

This Laptop Acer Travelmate 2354NLCi was brought to us for a clean install of Windows XP, after successfully installed Windows and all Basic Application we noticed that the date and time often reset to factory date whenever power source removed and starting Windows again.

Because of bootable device was reset to original setting which Floppy disk as Primary boot device, the laptop start to hang at the Startup with Acer logo which mean to wait for any floopy disk or user have to press escape button to bypass, but of … Baca seterusnya

Acer 4530 White screen LCD replacement

This laptop was brought to us   because of the lcd showing a White screen as the Windows can actually load but the screen remain white.

As our customer found our advertisement regarding a second hand set of LCD screen pulled out from similar model Acer 4530 which a lot more cheaper than buying a new set of LCD Screen. She contacted us through our Facebook Messenger  and finally decided to let us check and replace with a second hand set of 14.1  inch wide  40 pin CCFL LCD Screen for her Acer Aspire 4530 laptop.

After we replaced the screen, … Baca seterusnya