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LCD Screen sometime Normal and Distorted and White or Fuzzy Colour

We had trouble to name this kind of LCD Problem but from our observation it normally affected CCFL LCD Type screen. Out of 3 cases we found, all the three problem were related to LCD Screen, and not the LVDS  LCD Cable or not a Video or Graphic problem.

To troubleshoot this kind of problem simply connect to external monitor, when it display normally on external monitor then it shouldn’t a graphic chip or video problem

can simply reconnecting back the LCD cable to the motherboard and similarly to the back of LCD, moving a bit the LCD cable, when … Baca seterusnya

Fixing broken Flat Ribbon Cable on switch and backlit keyboard

This laptop toshiba a655 was send to us after the media button did not function and did not light up.

Previously this laptop has been sent for repair by our customer and the laptop technician probably forgot to connect back the cable properly,

too bad for us the laptop already sealed with warranty sticker so we got to tear it off carefully using sharp knife without leaving a broken mark on the sticker seal.

and after skimming  properly, guess what. it caused by the ribbon cable of the media button wrongly attached making no connection to the motherboard.

So that … Baca seterusnya

Laptop repair blank screen grayed LCD Replacement

lcd grayed
screen turn blank and grayed, no sign ofcracked or dead pixel

This laptop was given to us for checking up because of the LCD Screen displayed as a blank and grayed screen. Our customer thought it was a motherboard failure, but after we go through inspection, connecting to external VGA monitor and the result was the laptop can normally load into Windows.

We tested again using LCD tester and the laptop can normally display. So that obviously the blank grayed screen caused by the faulty LCD Screen.


acer aspire
brush clean and found this strange smelly dirt

As our customer told … Baca seterusnya

Apakah masalah yang akan terjadi bila laptop terjatuh?

Lambat laun, hampir semua orang akan mengalami keadaan seperti jantung terhenti seketika apabila mereka hanya dapat memerhatikan laptop mereka dalam gerak perlahan, terjatuh dan akhirnya ke lantai. Kejutan  ini boleh menyebabkan beberapa masalah kepada sistem laptop anda, dan jika ianya terlampau teruk  boleh memusnahkan laptop anda sepenuhnya.

hinge patah
hinge patah
laptop jatuh
casing patah, metal blush patah

Di dalam laptop, apabila terjatuh boleh mengakibatkan malapetaka pada hampir setiap komponen penting. Bahagian komponen boleh beralih dan menyebabkan litar pintas kepada bahagian lain, yang boleh merosakkan motherboard   atau komponen penting yang lain. Memori juga boleh beralih kedudukan atau rosak. Jika beralih, dalam beberapa kes hanya
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This laptop was brought to us as it visibly clear that the LED LCD Screen was broken, cracked in half and needed a replacement of a brand new LED LCD Screen.

acer aspire 4352
broken screen cracked

As usual, someone in Facebook was mentioning us and that’s how our customer able to meet us and sent his laptop to us for undergoing an LCD replacement.

14.0 led lcd replacement back
14.0 led lcd screen normal
acer aspire 4352 led lcd screen replacement
acer aspire 4352
change laptop screen in car services

After screen successfully replaced, Acer Aspire 4352 is now brightly display like a brand new

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Hp G42 The Life of an overheat laptop

This laptop was brought to us because of the keyboard and battery problems. Customer complains that the HP brand always gives him a headache. We carefully watch the laptop and it looks dusty and more apparently inside the keyboard. We had done the replacement for a brand new replacement keyboard and battery.

hp g42 overheat
dust blockage inside heatsink fan

When the laptop was undergoing quality control test and we didn’t feel comfortable because of the laptop became so hot after running a heavy task, and we decided to perform a heat sink fan service, so that the laptop could continuously

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HP G42 laptop Keyboard insanely output 3 letters of one key stroke

This laptop was brought to us because of few unresponsive keys on the keyboard. Some key not function anymore, which nothing appear when do typing.

hpg42 keyboard replacement
one key stroke gave output of 3 letter y = hy6 t=gt5

Not to mention in some cases, keyboard was just getting insane, which one key gave an output of 3 letters, screaming with beep sound while we could help for cleaning and repair but sometime a replacement is the best solutions.

hp g42 keyboard replacement
new keyboard replacement

Our customer agreed with a new keyboard replacement, and we successfully changed, after that, the laptop run and the whole … Baca seterusnya

Keyboard beeping unresponsive key Dell Inspiron n4010

dell inspiron n4010
Faulty keyboard on dell inspiron n4010

Dell n4010 was brought to us because of the keyboard beeping during windows loading, some of the key were unresponsive causing letter didn’t come out when do typing.

So we suggested our customer with a new keyboard replacement, seem, there’s a lot unresponsive key, we could help to do keyboard cleaning if the problem only regarding beeping keys.
After new keyboard replacement, laptop can turn on normally without sticking with beep sound during windows loading,
All keys function as usual while do typing.
Laptop back to normal and run smoothly.


dell inspiron n4010
Two screw mounting the
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The retirement of a cooling Fan Toshiba L645

Toshiba l645, overheat problem due to malfunction of a cooling fan

This laptop Toshiba l645 was brought to us because of overheating problems. Until the processor could not bear the heat produce, windows started to hang, the cursor can move around but nothing can execute. Luckily, for this model doesn’t have the embedded graphic chipset, or else the symptom may different, it could possibly automatically turn off the laptop.

toshiba l645
Fan not spinning, power is up and we left it for half an hour, fan not moving even we force a bit, it does not spin

A customer called us and … Baca seterusnya

Samsung NP275 Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Samsung Ativ np275
Samsung Ativ np275
This laptop SAMSUNG ATIV NP275 WAS brought to us due to keyboard problem such as unresponsive key, auto typing that interfere user when to do work and windows task.

The customer also told us that something strange occurred sometimes which the laptop screen suddenly flickered to black for a few seconds and back to normal and he compares the situation like the symptom when the lamp’s fuse burns.

samsung ativ np275
new keyboard ready to replace

At first we thought it was because of the keyboard auto typing effect, until we disassemble the laptop then we saw part of the

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Samsung RV413 new Keyboard Replacement

samsung rv413
Samsung RV413 before keyboard replacement


This laptop Samsung RV413 was brought to us because of few unresponsive key on the keyboard. Some key not function anymore which nothing appear when do typing.

Can you spot where is the keyboard ?, at first we are confused how to get rid of the keyboard

Before the original keyboard removed. The keyboard cover and the keyboard itself was deadly weld using plastic joint underneath the palm rest cover.

To remove the keyboard, firstly need to remove some of the plastic joint to make it detached from the palm rest cover, you can … Baca seterusnya

Laptop Power Jack Broken Casing Repair Asus K43U

asus k43u
Broken cover near the hinge

THIS LAPTOP ASUS K43U was brought to us because the problem of turning on the laptop due to the dcjack problem and the broken casing near the hinge makes it hard to closed down or open the lid of laptop screen.

Then we fixed the dc jack by re-soldering the wire cable (red) that should be connected to the positive rod of the dc jack.

asus k43u power jack connector
The red wire of Power Jack detached from it positive rod


asus k43u
Soldering helping hand
asus k43u
Performing re-soldering of the dc jack wire
asus k43u
cover the soldering part with glue to avoid
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