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10 minutes replace acer aspire 4752z Keyboard

Hello everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes series laptop repair, previously we got an acer aspire 4752z laptop, problem with such slow/hang during boot, unable to enter BIOS or it took lengthy to get into Windows and need to force by Enter or escape button, as we suspected it probably Hard Disk problem and when we did remove the hard disk, problem persist and so that our first guess is all right, it was a keyboard problem, surface of the keyboard look dusty so no doubt. as we remove the keyboard, everything seem faster, Windows load without any force or … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace Asus K43U AMD Keyboard

HEllo everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes series, this laptop Asus K43U was brought to us because of it performance slow and lag issues. Also it got very dirty keyboard, too dusty and some of the keys pressed itself.

Last time we got a laptop with slow and not responding issues and the main cause was just because of the keyboard failure, it pressed itself causing  interrupted to the windows.

So whenever a lag and slow performance of your laptop don’t forget to include your keyboard as  the main suspect other than hard disk or Windows issues.

However this unlucky … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace Keyboard on Acer Aspire E1-522

This laptop Acer E1-522 was brought to us after our customer reported that some of the keys is not functional which not produce an output when it being pressed.


As usual keyboard failure as we usually seen mostly is due to dusts, smoke waste, dandruff, hair,  piece of snacks, liquid spill that settling in the inner surface of the keyboard. Once it get into the bottom of the key, it hard to clean unless you know which button that cause the problem. Actually there is software to test each button … Baca seterusnya

Beeping sound on Lenovo S110 Keyboard

Hello everyone just to tell you that if you ever encounter problem just like on the video, You got to get a new keyboard and a replacement  is  needed for the keyboard beeping problem. You can find many of replacement keyboard in our store, currently few but many to come and being uploaded, save the link and stay tuned.


Our customer just came with a lenovo s110 netbook problem with Windows unresponsive, took very long to load into Windows and always not responding. As we face this kind of problem many in the past it took us few … Baca seterusnya

What inside HP envy 4-1019TU

What’s up guy, been busy with the new project , so had little time with blogging, recently just got into HP Envy 4 -1019 TU system, problem with the keyboard, automatically pressed sometimes bothering the windows to load. So during clean install We can’t passed the installation screen, Windows setup stuck probably cause by some key that we can’t figure which one because we unable to enter Windows. So we disassembled the laptop to disconnect the keyboard connector so it won’t bothering.

So here it was the ultrabook, came with internal battery, 2 RAM slots which  it can support up … Baca seterusnya

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830T keyboard and motherboard replacement

aspire 4830t
power on few seconds and turn off

This laptop Acer Aspire Timeline X 4830t was brought to us with a serious Problem, the laptop could turn on for a few seconds with black screen and then shut off itself. This problem already been solved, but there were other problems occurred, which the motherboard couldn’t detect the hard disk. As the repair could take a lot of time and cost, we suggested our customer for a refurbish motherboard replacement.

After motherboard replacement, the laptop can normally powered up, load into windows and performed excellently. But there some of the keyboard key … Baca seterusnya

Toshiba Satellite U40T fan faulty loud noise bad for environment

This laptop Toshiba satellite u40t problem when it’s given to us was
– Keyboard and touchpad malfunction
– Fan faulty produced loud noise

laptop repair segamat
Toshiba u40t keyboard

The customer asked for a replacement both keyboard and fan. This laptop year made around 2013 and we bet that there were no local stock available for this model spare parts because most of new laptop started to cause problems normally after 2 years of usage. and the spare parts mostly became available when demand is high.

toshiba u40t fan replacement
Driver for keyboard and touchpad not start

At first we checked the system and found that the
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Compaq CQ42 Blue screen, different error messages

This laptop COMPAQ cq42 was brought to us due to keyboard malfunction. Some keys no longer produce an output.

compaq cq42 keyboard replacement
how did they find us

Basically, how did our customer find us? In Atoz Computer Solutions, basically we work on-site, home based services to cut all cost of rental, we offer pick and delivery service whenever Possible to meet our free time in conjunction with the customer’s ability to meet us.

Therefore, why our customer chooses us? Because, we offered the best price as possible as long as we could help in reviving your laptop, smartphone or desktop PC.

We love … Baca seterusnya

HP G42 laptop Keyboard insanely output 3 letters of one key stroke

This laptop was brought to us because of few unresponsive keys on the keyboard. Some key not function anymore, which nothing appear when do typing.

hpg42 keyboard replacement
one key stroke gave output of 3 letter y = hy6 t=gt5

Not to mention in some cases, keyboard was just getting insane, which one key gave an output of 3 letters, screaming with beep sound while we could help for cleaning and repair but sometime a replacement is the best solutions.

hp g42 keyboard replacement
new keyboard replacement

Our customer agreed with a new keyboard replacement, and we successfully changed, after that, the laptop run and the whole … Baca seterusnya

Keyboard beeping unresponsive key Dell Inspiron n4010

dell inspiron n4010
Faulty keyboard on dell inspiron n4010

Dell n4010 was brought to us because of the keyboard beeping during windows loading, some of the key were unresponsive causing letter didn’t come out when do typing.

So we suggested our customer with a new keyboard replacement, seem, there’s a lot unresponsive key, we could help to do keyboard cleaning if the problem only regarding beeping keys.
After new keyboard replacement, laptop can turn on normally without sticking with beep sound during windows loading,
All keys function as usual while do typing.
Laptop back to normal and run smoothly.


dell inspiron n4010
Two screw mounting the
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Samsung NP275 Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Samsung Ativ np275
Samsung Ativ np275
This laptop SAMSUNG ATIV NP275 WAS brought to us due to keyboard problem such as unresponsive key, auto typing that interfere user when to do work and windows task.

The customer also told us that something strange occurred sometimes which the laptop screen suddenly flickered to black for a few seconds and back to normal and he compares the situation like the symptom when the lamp’s fuse burns.

samsung ativ np275
new keyboard ready to replace

At first we thought it was because of the keyboard auto typing effect, until we disassemble the laptop then we saw part of the

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