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HP G42 Overheat with AMD Ati Graphic

This laptop was given to us after our customer found a strange behavior, laptop previously felt hot all over the bottom case and palm rest cover, and one fine day the laptop could turn the power on but the screen turns blank screen of death, nothing on display. After that, the customer brought her laptop to us for checking up.

Before we make a conclusion that was a graphic failure, we do test the RAM first by clean the contact and reinserted back, noting improvement.

So then we leaved the laptop for one night, and continue checking the next day,… Baca seterusnya

Benq Joybook s31v repair overheating autoshutdown and battery replacement

This laptop was brought to us with problem such auto shutdown when the laptop getting heated. Also the battery remain not charging while on Windows but can survived about 15 minutes without power sources.

Our customer decided to undergo full services for her laptop and replace with a new battery include clean install the Operating system.

So that at first she found our blog and landed to our blog post regarding laptop fan issues and contacted us through our chatbox.

we are monitoring our blog every single hours, and responses with any question anytime. Please do contact us through our … Baca seterusnya

Hp G42 The Life of an overheat laptop

This laptop was brought to us because of the keyboard and battery problems. Customer complains that the HP brand always gives him a headache. We carefully watch the laptop and it looks dusty and more apparently inside the keyboard. We had done the replacement for a brand new replacement keyboard and battery.

hp g42 overheat
dust blockage inside heatsink fan

When the laptop was undergoing quality control test and we didn’t feel comfortable because of the laptop became so hot after running a heavy task, and we decided to perform a heat sink fan service, so that the laptop could continuously

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The mourning of Laptop AC Power Adapter

compaq  cq40
measuring voltage in the ac adapter connector

This laptop Compaq cq40 was brought to us because of the dead of power adapter, we measure the voltage of power adapter and there is no voltage at the output connector.

After we replace with a brand new power adapter, this laptop can turn on normally but having a difficulty enter to the windows, so we suspect it was windows problem and probably hard disk issues, so we decided to reformat as the owner said, someone just give the laptop to her for free so we assume many unwanted junk inside the Baca seterusnya