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This how to replace IBM Thinkpad T42 cooling Fan with Error

This laptop IBM T42 laptop was brought to us because of Laptop displaying Fan error during Boot up. The customer said she has to press “Escape” button to bypass and continue loading into Windows or else Laptop will automatically turn off after the warning message.

ibm t42 fan replacement
fan unspinning


We brought back the laptop for inspection. We notice even though laptop can load into Windows but the Fan error warning message appeared for a reason which the fan detected by system wasn’t spinning. Therefore, the error display to warn user to be alerted. If user continuously uses the laptop with poor … Baca seterusnya

Toshiba Satellite U40T fan faulty loud noise bad for environment

This laptop Toshiba satellite u40t problem when it’s given to us was
– Keyboard and touchpad malfunction
– Fan faulty produced loud noise

laptop repair segamat
Toshiba u40t keyboard

The customer asked for a replacement both keyboard and fan. This laptop year made around 2013 and we bet that there were no local stock available for this model spare parts because most of new laptop started to cause problems normally after 2 years of usage. and the spare parts mostly became available when demand is high.

toshiba u40t fan replacement
Driver for keyboard and touchpad not start

At first we checked the system and found that the
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Acer Aspire 4730z CPU Fan Replacement

This laptop Acer Aspire 4730z was brought to us after being so long resided in the laptop bag. Our customer told us his laptop accidentally fell and hit the floor while it has affected corner part near the hinge and LCD.

Acer 4730z fan replacement

Since that his laptop LCD turn into dark display while the windows loaded as he saw the hard disk led and keyboard were light up.

The interesting story how did our customer find us was through this blog. As he read a few of the posts regarding LCD screen problem. Then he contacted us through whatsapp messenger, and then … Baca seterusnya

Perlukah kipas laptop ditukar?

Kadang-kadang,  boleh menjadi sukar untuk memberitahu jika  kipas laptop anda berfungsi dengan betul. Ia boleh berputar lebih dari biasa, lebih kuat daripada biasa, atau lebih panas daripada biasa, tetapi masih bekerjadengan sebaiknya. Apabila kipas laptop anda tidak berfungsi dengan betul, ia boleh menjadi tanda akan ada beberapa isu hardware yang lebih teruk dengan laptop anda jika masalah kipas anda tidak ditangani, dan  adalah lebih baik memeriksa kipas laptop anda dengan lebih awal.

heatsink fan
heatsink fan

Tanda pertama dan yang paling penting membawa kepada kegagalan  atau kerosakan kipas adalah, haba. Kipas laptop berjalan dan kelihatan seperti terlalu laju atau terlalu kuat atau

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The retirement of a cooling Fan Toshiba L645

Toshiba l645, overheat problem due to malfunction of a cooling fan

This laptop Toshiba l645 was brought to us because of overheating problems. Until the processor could not bear the heat produce, windows started to hang, the cursor can move around but nothing can execute. Luckily, for this model doesn’t have the embedded graphic chipset, or else the symptom may different, it could possibly automatically turn off the laptop.

toshiba l645
Fan not spinning, power is up and we left it for half an hour, fan not moving even we force a bit, it does not spin

A customer called us and … Baca seterusnya