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Acer Aspire 4520 Second Hand Spare Part

We just bought this laptop, and will proceed with top service and replace faulty parts until we satisfied and then sell to other customer.

For Acer aspire 4520,amd turion 64 x2, nvidia geforce 7000m, we will sell by part seem, lcd took much cost of repairing, motherboard used and in perfect condition, haven’t undergo BGA Rework or reflow,

Used and function able Motherboard Acer Aspire 4520 with graphic RM250- Available
with processor and heatsink (add RM50), -Available
320 gb hard disk sold for (RM85), -Sold
2gb ddr 2 buyer (RM70), -Available
we also have 512MB ddr2 for rm20,-Available
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List of Chip and Usage

MOSFETS USED (4404, 4435, 4800, 4814, 4825, 4836, 4856, 4914, 5130, 6676, 6690, 6900)

MEMORY POWER SUPPLY :- (TPS5116, PC4800, MAX8794 NCP5201 SC1486/SCl486A SC2616 TPS51020 ISL6520 CM8501, ISL6224 ISL6225,)

LCD BACK LIGHT CONTROL :- (MAXl522/MAXl523/MAXl524 OZ960 ,……..)

COM PORT CHIP :- (MAX3243, MAX213, ADM213, HIN213, SP3243, MC145583

CHARGE DISCHARGE CHIP :- ( MAX8724, BQ24745, ISL88731A, MAX1772EEI, MAX8765, MAX745, TC490/591 AAI3680 ADP3806 DS2770 LTl505G MAXl645B MAX745 MB3878 AAT3680 ETC)

CPU POWER SUPPLY CHIPS :- (MAX1907A, MAX17080, ISL6265, MAX8770, FDS7088, MAX8760, ISL6265, ADP3166 ADP3170 ADP3421 AIC1567 CS5322 FAN5056 ITC1709 MAX1710, HIP6004 )

POWER SUPPLY CHIP :- (MAX1632, MAX1904, MAX1634,SB3052, SC1402, LTC1628 TMP48U … Baca seterusnya