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Benq Joybook s31v repair overheating autoshutdown and battery replacement

This laptop was brought to us with problem such auto shutdown when the laptop getting heated. Also the battery remain not charging while on Windows but can survived about 15 minutes without power sources.

Our customer decided to undergo full services for her laptop and replace with a new battery include clean install the Operating system.

So that at first she found our blog and landed to our blog post regarding laptop fan issues and contacted us through our chatbox.

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Laptop Battery Common Issues case Compaq CQ42

compaq cq42 hpg42 battery
Laptop stuck during boot loading when faulty battery inside

This laptop Compaq CQ42 was brought to us due to laptop get stuck during boot loading when faulty battery inside, while faulty battery get removed, laptop power on with direct current, windows can smoothly enter windows,

compaq cq42 batter
Battery removed to get laptop boot to windows and reinsert back after windows successfully load, battery not detected, if detected causing Windows hung, only some strange case, mostly some battery only let windows warned to consider replacing.

Windows gave a warned notification, battery was not detected, consider replacing your battery, battery not charging, windows also … Baca seterusnya