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10 Minutes Compaq CQ40 Cmos battery modification with CR2032

Hello guys, 1.13Am in the morning. A quick update better than none. Today, received a Compaq CQ40 problem with the date and time were not saved after have been set.

A typical common problem for a laptop with  5-6 years older. Whatever size of the CMOS battery that the laptop originally supplied whether a 5 cent or 10 or 20cent of size can be replaced by a common desktop cmos battery cr2032 with simple modification BUT make sure the original supply voltage CMOS Battery  also value of 3Volt.

What you need are, a cr2032 cmos battery, 13mm diameter size of … Baca seterusnya

Acer Travelmate 2354NLCi Bios Cmos Battery modified Replacement

For Acer Travelmate 2354NLCi Bios Backup Battery CMOS Modified Replacement.

This Laptop Acer Travelmate 2354NLCi was brought to us for a clean install of Windows XP, after successfully installed Windows and all Basic Application we noticed that the date and time often reset to factory date whenever power source removed and starting Windows again.

Because of bootable device was reset to original setting which Floppy disk as Primary boot device, the laptop start to hang at the Startup with Acer logo which mean to wait for any floopy disk or user have to press escape button to bypass, but of … Baca seterusnya