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Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2 Motherboard PC Repair

This desktop was  brought to us due to unable to display anything on screen, display remain black while the cpu fan kept running.

Our lucky customer manage to save a lot on repairing his motherboard, previously he sent his desktop to a computer shop and they said the motherboard need a replacement. Due to it’s old model with DDR2 which hardly to find a new motherboard that can support DDR2 RAM because mostly became obsolete and was replaced by DDR3 motherboard. The shop assistant told him that the motherboard need replacement along with the RAM which will cost RM500++.

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Power supply mini atx 24 pin modified dell optiplex 780 desktop tower

This desktop Dell Optiplex 780 was brought to us due to Power Supply failure.

Our customer already bought a refurbish set of power supply for dell similar shape and input output specification but the connector doesn’t fit. This Dell Optiplex 780 came with the 255Watt atx power supply with mini ATX 24 pin connector (small) while the refurbish sets he bought came with normal ATX 24 pin connector for dell (big)

dell optiplex 780
mini atx 24 pin connector
dell optiplex 780
normal atx 24 pin connector dell standard

His supplier wrongly sent and they don’t have the stock for small connector, then my customer was
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Biostar MCP6PB m2+ And here was the motherboard real culprit.

This desktop was brought to us since our customer would like to upgrade the Operating System from Windows Xp to Windows 7. After several trials running the Windows 7 setup, installation was failed tremendously. The PC kept restarting while the setup about to begun. As we had encountered this problem many times in the past, we checked out the motherboard roughly, and we spotted there was one bad bloated capacitor (Brand OST cheap capacitor brand)beside the heatsink.

capacitor replacement
watch out near the heat sink, cap with 6.3v 1000uF
capacitor replacement
It look bulgy on the top compare to the rest



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