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Dear all customer,

what a regretful day for us to have an uninvited buyer that came  and bought our product and then simply accused that our product was failed   upon received without firstly talk to us and see what solution we can offer. We define uninvited for those who cannot understand our store’s term and condition, which state electronic product tend to fail which also we also do not recommend those who are unwilling to take the risk to purchase our product online. to those who willing to take the risk, we provide almost 3 month warranty for all our products. 

We learn from the mistake and minimize all error that would happen. we have very strict testing to all our product before we sent to customer. Thus those who contacted us when they have trouble on installing the product, have solved their problem after we guided them through. What if they simply judge that the product was failed without first ask our opinion and simply leave a bad feedback to us. what a terrible inhuman person on earth you’re.

For this guy with ID of  NGAHQSQ2540,  we’ve checked there was no whatsapp message over his name or id to request for claim refund or exchange, not discussing the problem at all.

So this guy suddenly gave us a bad feedback, and sorry we are not intended to contact him for retracting the bad rating or offer any solution, we think that if you’ve rated us that was  your final decision and it just a waste of our energy for us to contact them.


**Picture for illustration purpose

ngahqsq2540 says: item received but unfortunately it not functioning, tried on friend’s laptop also not functioning

our: who are you and your friend, a statement without evidence, we can’t say much, his final decision is to bad rate without have to discuss and solve problem, so his follow the way of uncivilized people. we never neglecting a chance for exchange, refund or else , he never contacted us . it his own opinion , our may different,  selecting not proper dc rate may the cause earlier failure or not perform at all, power cord failed also may the cause but not possible, so he do not dare to contact us. we are not selling the adapter to him alone, we have sold those adapter since 2016, hundreds and uncountable even some buyer have problem dare to contacted us and get their exchange or some even asked for refund, we have no problem about that.  Thus leave us to maintain our rating positively to date. Then came a guy name ngahqsq2540 somewhere in Baram town of sarawak suddenly ruin it all.That was a very regretful for us to ever met this kind of human being.

ngahqsq2540 says: sorry for giving bad review

our: you’re not forgiven



Item received on 12 sept. 14 sept bad rate us, from the comment it very likely he make an assumption of the adapter not working since ever we sent. it will not possible, as we said earlier we have strict  testing before ship the item, we’re not just simply test the output, even ran it for some period of time. he could be able to use for some time, if he not able to use at all, it may be mostly close to selecting wrong product or Dcrating. So to receive a new adapter and not functioning is a BIG NO & NO .

Adapter problem, could be wrong dc rating selection, why  we told this, because the buyer name is ERDIE IZWAN BIN JAWAWIE and the receiver name is NOR AZEERA BINTI NOH

some buyer that bought item for someone else tend to randomly choose item that will not suit the designate laptop. and then order mistake done . We have many case like this, but even their mistake, they willing to contact us for exchange.

choosing a wrong dc rating .yes 3.42 can use over 4.74 laptop but it will failed earlier, even some laptop it wouldn’t turn on at all, because the power was not enough to run a 90w laptop. that is our assumption by our proven case before.

Do you think all these buyer will gave us 5 stars if it our adapter easily failed upon receiving?? Hell No.




Yes, all the trouble maker who does not know the rule will be listed on our Blacklisted system, all listed there were not that they’re have problem with us, but they are all buyer who bad rate other seller, with unreasonable comment , because sorry we also do not want to served  them, so before they  did a purchase in our store is better for us to blacklisted them first…


Here we listed some of our customer who were doing the right thing, to contact us, and solved the problem, respectively not COWARDLY .


Yes it happened some fine day when buyer no need to return but get new replacement

THIS BUYER is sample who get both REFUND AND RETURN eventhough many of our buyer use without problem, he change twice and both problem so who the one is cause problem here??


THIS BUYER used after a month and half, only power cord failed and then quickly assume that both adapter problem, get return and half refund. because we will exchange but he need urgent. so he prefer half refund. what a waste of my  time . so this is why if you just gave us a statement without firstly asked our opinion, you make your own assumption that is wrong


This buyer get return and refund and also claim for his return FEE also, and he got it. Satisfied Now??


This Buyer Got REFund on his return Fee too, and replace both power cord and adapter.



above all  is our past mistake not to ran the product while only tested for output. after this we undergo strict testing and there is no more case like failed on first use.


This Buyer Order Mistake, 50-50 fault, we may advertise the model wrongly, but there are the spec on description for him to check, if not fit with him, so what the purpose of buying it, but we both know our mistake, return and exchange, FAIR AND Square. BTW i love his attitude.


This Buyer also Order Mistake. His brother buy for his sister, assuming all lenovo adapter are same , only check the DC RAte, So obviously her brother mistake for buying on wrong model. RETURN AND PAY BOTH RETURN AND RESHIPPING FEE. What else Your Mistake.

This one order Keyboard But then want to exchange on Adapter. Ok No problem . Go one, but Pay the reshipping fee. that’s all

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