Beeping sound on Lenovo S110 Keyboard

Hello everyone just to tell you that if you ever encounter problem just like on the video, You got to get a new keyboard and a replacement  is  needed for the keyboard beeping problem. You can find many of replacement keyboard in our store, currently few but many to come and being uploaded, save the link and stay tuned.


Our customer just came with a lenovo s110 netbook problem with Windows unresponsive, took very long to load into Windows and always not responding. As we face this kind of problem many in the past it took us few seconds to make a conclusion it was a keyboard problem, so we decided to disconnect the keyboard connection and after that the system start to recover. And we tried to reinsert back now the problem turn into keyboard beeping non stop. However it still a keyboard problem and a replacement is needed, but our customer prefer to use a USB keyboard rather than to buy a new replacement keyboard.So we totally disconnect the keyboard connection so it won’t bother the Windows system.

Well guys,  if you ever found your laptop suddenly beeping during windows loading, stuck at the bios POST Screen for so long before switching to windows,  become too slow to load, and when it successfully load into windows suddenly some of apps open by itself, your cursor cannot move as it dragging itself to the corner screen. These were some of common example that actually caused by the laptop keyboard.

And if you ever encounter these problem whether to your old keyboard or new keyboard, i have to tell you that this is not a manufacturing defect case. Mostly all the laptop that came to me with such problem had a very bad look and appearance. Dust everywhere between the key gap, sometime if the owner is a heavy smokers, you will found the ashtrays between the key gap, and if the owner is a mom who had a kids, you will found some sort of  junk food crush, and if the owner is a woman, you could found a strand of hair with some dandruff between the key gap. Well i am witnessing all this. :p.

One more thing, if you plan to keep your laptop in bag or in  a cupboard and didn’t plan to use for months, take out battery, please cover your laptop with plastic wrap a portion for keyboard and a portion for LCD because i tell you what some keyboard beeping problem occurs after a long time the laptop haven’t being used and again the laptop biggest enemy which are dusts will resides at the bottom of the keys and key gap,  It also could resides in your heatsink then this will caused another problem. And for LCD is not very good to keep your laptop unused for months, please check out often as what may effect your LCD screen is Dead Pixel(peranent black spot) which are unremoval required a replacement, But this is out of our topic here.

Well actually you can trace which key that caused the problem using some keyboard tester and then perform some cleaning below the problematic keys by removing the key and the bracket, but if the keyboard is too dirty i will not prefer to clean as the chance of success is too little. Also you can Read our previous post on how to clean your laptop keyboard and also symptom that lead to a keyboard failure.

 well if you already get a replacement of a brand new keyboard, and as a precaution, you should start the use of keyboard protector to protect your new keyboard. Even the universal one is enough, if ever it not stick around and moving just put a sellotape, even it look ugly but can save your pocket in the future.

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