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How to create Universal Ghost Image for Window XP, 7, 8 and 8.1

Hello  everyone, before the year end and before my memory fades, i would like to recalled back on topic of Universal Ghost. When we said Universal means it will suit most of the system whether  be like AMD or Intel  it will successfully cloned with no blue screen, black screen or whatsoever.for this time we will not have screen shot, will fully written through out my remembrance.



Tools you need is just a clean Windows, prepared with some basic software, if the system already installed with driver also fine because we will sysprepping the Windows. Sysprep is actually … Baca seterusnya

Lenovo A3600-D Multilanguage ROM Download

A very quick update,  we just want to share a multilanguage ROM  for the Lenovo A3600-D. Problem previously was just a boot loop problem, very common to android device, may caused by incomplete update or bad apps (virus) probably. So some tips here if you’re just online through the DATA connection, it best for you to change the setting to Manual update, never set for automatic update because of the limited DATA quota that may slow down the update and terminate itself.

It very common,  similar step, for Lenovo MTK 65XX device, once you familiar, it becoming an easy task,  … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace HP Elitebook 740 LCD LED Slim Screen EDP small Pin LTN140AT29

Hello everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes Laptop repair series, :p. Here our recent notebook came with a broken screen, found a liquid crystal spilled on the display outer the cracked screen, black spot vertical lines and obviously a sign of a cracked screen which need to be replaced.

We got few question from our readers, what if it large black spot on screen after a few weeks of purchase a new replacement screen. He thought the screen was cracked even though he never let the laptop fell or any force on the screen. Well in you never saw a … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace acer aspire 4752z Keyboard

Hello everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes series laptop repair, previously we got an acer aspire 4752z laptop, problem with such slow/hang during boot, unable to enter BIOS or it took lengthy to get into Windows and need to force by Enter or escape button, as we suspected it probably Hard Disk problem and when we did remove the hard disk, problem persist and so that our first guess is all right, it was a keyboard problem, surface of the keyboard look dusty so no doubt. as we remove the keyboard, everything seem faster, Windows load without any force or … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace Asus K43U AMD Keyboard

HEllo everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes series, this laptop Asus K43U was brought to us because of it performance slow and lag issues. Also it got very dirty keyboard, too dusty and some of the keys pressed itself.

Last time we got a laptop with slow and not responding issues and the main cause was just because of the keyboard failure, it pressed itself causing  interrupted to the windows.

So whenever a lag and slow performance of your laptop don’t forget to include your keyboard as  the main suspect other than hard disk or Windows issues.

However this unlucky … Baca seterusnya

Flashing Lenovo A850+ with ROW Multilanguage ROM

Hello everyone, this lenovo A850+ was brought to us after the phone infected with Malware which the symptom whenever WIfi or Data is turn ON, it will automatically download apps which you do not need. It will caused your phone busy, heavy and slow while you can’t do anything else.

The caused of this problem as from our observation according to the previous case, it’s due to either APUS Launcher or Hola Launcher which we are not sure how the user get this application inside.

Launcher is like you’re wearing Lenovo while you want the interface to be like an … Baca seterusnya

Lenovo a560 smartphone overheated, slow download from playstore solved


if we look through the specification of the phone, it is came with Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8212, 512 MB RAM MEMORY very small to run newest app nowadays and 4GB Storage and online price for just only RM189-RM220 on

According to review on this phone quite terrible which most of the buyers were unsatisfied due to slow performance overheating and shutdown the apps , low quality camera, so that’s what the price could offered.

And today our customer brought this phone to us, for installing some basic apps, according to him, he just bought this phone and … Baca seterusnya

10 minutes replace Keyboard on Acer Aspire E1-522

This laptop Acer E1-522 was brought to us after our customer reported that some of the keys is not functional which not produce an output when it being pressed.


As usual keyboard failure as we usually seen mostly is due to dusts, smoke waste, dandruff, hair,  piece of snacks, liquid spill that settling in the inner surface of the keyboard. Once it get into the bottom of the key, it hard to clean unless you know which button that cause the problem. Actually there is software to test each button … Baca seterusnya

Fixed imei unknown rewrite imei null on mtk65xx device

i hate to tell you that the phone with null or unknown imei on my hand here was just another Lenovo A850 with mtk6582 chip.

This null imei got after flashing a new rom that not suitable but compatible with the chip.

so that this imei cannot be retrieve by using our previous method, delete and restore nvram folder but only by method rewriting the imei using MTK Droid Tool

what you need to do before starting rewrite the imei:

-phone must be root

-usb debugging mode must turn on

-download MTK droid tool software, if it came with compressed … Baca seterusnya

Unbrick Lenovo a850 MT6582 after flashing incompatible ROM

The thing that you need to keep in mind, if you need to flash a custom ROM or new Rom for your MTK device make sure it is compatible with your model and sub model.

If you able to enter into the system, please write down your original software version, so that if you mistakenly flash the ROM you still have info about the previous working ROM and you can download the stock ROM or factory ROM of your device.

So that our customer brought his Lenovo A850, problem with the system infected with adware type of apps, porno apps … Baca seterusnya

Another S650 Imei Unknown, sim card not detected

Hello , look what we got here:

this is just another Lenovo S650 problem with simcard not detected, while the Imei Missing,

if it happened to you, you’re not the only one,

so wondering to try another method using MTK Droid Tool to write the IMEI but got few error which time is very limited to solve,

so we use the conventional method which backup and deleting the nvram folder.

This Lenovo s650 brought to us straightly from Klang Valley,  we already give you guides how to locate the nvram folder, (search for our previous post) but if you can’t … Baca seterusnya