Another S650 Imei Unknown, sim card not detected

Hello , look what we got here:

this is just another Lenovo S650 problem with simcard not detected, while the Imei Missing,

if it happened to you, you’re not the only one,

so wondering to try another method using MTK Droid Tool to write the IMEI but got few error which time is very limited to solve,

so we use the conventional method which backup and deleting the nvram folder.

This Lenovo s650 brought to us straightly from Klang Valley,  we already give you guides how to locate the nvram folder, (search for our previous post) but if you can’t , you just don’t meant to be to solve it,   go get your nearest professional or you can sending your phone to us, no problem, we’ll fix for you of course is not free :p.

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