10 minutes replace HSD100IFW1 10.0 LED Screen on Asus Eee Pc 1000ha



This laptop was brought to us because of the LCD Screen strangely display horizontal vertical lines.

As usual for a basic troubleshooting you are advisable to check out the display on external monitor,

if its okay then it either the LCD Cable or LCD Screen. However both of this were difficult to figure, though most of the time it’s always an LCD problem.

Take out the battery before performing any repair, prevention is better than cure.

Well, if you need a replacement for this Asus EEEpc 1000ha battery with part number of: A31-1015 A32-1015 AL31-1015 AL32-1015 PL32-1015

extedend version Black colour 4400mah that fit many asus eepc model, you can check out the link here and place order anytime.

Use a prying tool to open the clip of the LCD bezel, it can prevent your cover from  broken at the side, although you have to carefully detached or some clips may broken.

After the lcd bezel successfully detached you can remove the hinge cover by sliding up using the pry tool

Remove the screw

back of the screen look like previously was resided by ants

After take out the screen, try to reseat back the LCD cable that connect to the motherboard and also to the back of LCD. Sometime you can see the LCD cable remain intact but some breaks in the signal can lead to impurities in the reproduction of the image on the screen.

After the basic troubleshooting above if the vertical or horizontal lines doesn’t disappear, you can consider to replace a new screen because there were some discussion on Dell Community Forum regarding LCD Lines,

The most common type of failure that leads to lines on the display is an open circuit connection between the driver IC (flexible circuit board) and LCD glass. This is usually caused by external stresses (mechanical, thermal, etc…), which causes the flex circuit to detach from the glass. The variables leading to the detachment are wide and are dependant on individual cases. With the amount of travel and various operating environments of a notebook, pinpointing the exact cause can be near impossible, unless of course the problem immediately follows a catastrophic event such as dropping the notebook or prolonged exposure to heat or cold, such as leaving the system in a car.


Also  some YouTube video explaining how they fix LCD Lines (1-2 lines) by firmly pressing the controller board (like something is loose) and LCD however we believe this is just a temporary fix.

So that it became obvious vertical or horizontal lines that occured related to LCD screen problem electronically instead of mechanically (broken screen due to fell or external stressed)

As in our Asus eeepc 1000ha case here we can see there like some creatures previously residing at the back of the LCD screen as we saw dirt have been made. As this dirt can cause a problem to the electronic part of the lcd.

A new replacement screen 10.0 for asus eepc 1000 1005 1015

Well if you need this type of screen contact me through whatsapp @ 0142871121 or just place an order through the link here or you can directly purchase from us.

Always testing out the new lcd before reassembling

Secure back the connection of the LCD cable to the LCD to avoid any disconnection during closing the lid.

Don’t forget to take out the LCD hinge from the old screen and install into the new screen

carefully push the hinge cover after the LCD bezel already attached back to it place.

To test the brightness up and down. Previously we got some feedback from a customer that replace their   Toshiba nb200 screen with normal 10.1 led screen, and he couldn’t turn the brightness up or down, and we never face this kind of problem so far, it could be software, driver or utilities management software that need to be check.

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