10 minutes replace HP Elitebook 740 LCD LED Slim Screen EDP small Pin LTN140AT29

Hello everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes Laptop repair series, :p. Here our recent notebook came with a broken screen, found a liquid crystal spilled on the display outer the cracked screen, black spot vertical lines and obviously a sign of a cracked screen which need to be replaced.

We got few question from our readers, what if it large black spot on screen after a few weeks of purchase a new replacement screen. He thought the screen was cracked even though he never let the laptop fell or any force on the screen. Well in you never saw a liquid crystal spilled outer the black spot area it’s probably a dead pixel which could classify as a manufacturing defective. We got a case which a laptop left unused unopen for months and turn out with a black lines which you should avoid a laptop unused for months, let it open once at a time. Dead pixel which could never be repair and only getting worst by timeor should consider of a new replacement screen.


This replacement for this LCD LED Screen type can be determine from the Part Number which written Samsung LTN140AT29, when we look from the manufacturer website it was a Slim LED Screen with small Pin 30 Pin EDP Socket which common use with touch screen Digitizer, a resolution support is 1366X768 WXGA HD, so a common type of screen, and the cost of a replacement screen wasn’t so expensive as this laptop model  does not came with touch screen.

So first of all get your own proper tools to open the clips of the LCD Screen Cover and front bezel, avoid using the Philips screwdriver to detach the clips as it will defect the side cover, it may also break the clips.

You can buy a prying tool good for open laptop and smartphone case from our store. searfh for metal rod or prying tool. and if you need the screen LCD LED for specially HP elitebook 740 you can purchase from our Store and it available most of the time. Do contact me for enquiry about your Laptop LCD LED Screen 0142871121

And here we got the replacement part for LCD Screen LTN140AT29 manufactured by Samsung, Innolux N140BGE-EB3 rev c3 With Small pin connector


It’s all fine now, test the screen before disassemble back the cover.

And lastly the most challenging part which to install back the LCD front bezel cover which really difficult near the hinge, some tips here for our readers, just force it down the cover of the hinge but do it carefully so it will not affect the screen or the cover, however the cover of the hinge also very strong and will not easily break.

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