10 minutes replace Asus K43U AMD Keyboard

HEllo everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes series, this laptop Asus K43U was brought to us because of it performance slow and lag issues. Also it got very dirty keyboard, too dusty and some of the keys pressed itself.

Last time we got a laptop with slow and not responding issues and the main cause was just because of the keyboard failure, it pressed itself causing  interrupted to the windows.

So whenever a lag and slow performance of your laptop don’t forget to include your keyboard as  the main suspect other than hard disk or Windows issues.

However this unlucky laptop seriously had an issues with the Hard disk and keyboard which both need to be replace in order to be able to function properly.

So if you ever had a problem with your laptop keyboard model  Asus k43 Series and X43 AMD series which this model of keyboard type had a 2 screw mounting on the bottom surface, you can get it on our store, it readily available anytime, you can place order or direct purchase are most welcome, contact us anytime at +60142871121 or mail us sales@ atozcs.net for inquiries. Just drop us a message, We’ll entertain your question shortly.

Below are some footage and steps to disassemble your Asus K43U in order to replace the keyboard.

only 2 screws which circle in red need to be remove

simple and it’s all fine now
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