10 minutes replace acer aspire 4752z Keyboard

Hello everyone, welcome to our 10 minutes series laptop repair, previously we got an acer aspire 4752z laptop, problem with such slow/hang during boot, unable to enter BIOS or it took lengthy to get into Windows and need to force by Enter or escape button, as we suspected it probably Hard Disk problem and when we did remove the hard disk, problem persist and so that our first guess is all right, it was a keyboard problem, surface of the keyboard look dusty so no doubt. as we remove the keyboard, everything seem faster, Windows load without any force or keyboard interruption.

So for this model it’s a typical 4741 keyboard series but this one got a 2 screw mounting below the keyboard, and most of the replacement keyboard sell in the market does not have option with two screw mounting.

if you need to buy one , you can place the order through this link here which this keyboard is compatible with this model only you have to do some modification for the screw mounting which is very easy, and you can do it yourself.

, which if we look from the original keyboard the screw mounting was simply glued  by some strong glue.

you can tear it and reuse back the mounting screw to the replacement keyboard. Hear we will show you how to modified the screw mounting to the replacement keyboard.


and here was the mixture of REsin and hardener which really good to bond metal and metal, metal and plastic and many other surface.

Simply place the mounting to it position and spread the glue mixture of resin and hardener on the surface that face the keyboard and place the keyboard, screw it back,  the screw mounting will bond within few minutes and let it be, you’re done.


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